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NFT: Cancun and surrounds

lugnut : 6/4/2021 12:27 pm
Never been. Anyone have preference for Cancun proper, Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Tulum?
Before booking that area  
ron mexico : 6/4/2021 12:30 pm : link
check to see if they are still experiencing the bad seaweed problem

The water was pretty much unswimable when I went down there a couple of years ago

Link - ( New Window )
We go often and stay at the Royal Sands on hotel way.  
Bubba : 6/4/2021 12:59 pm : link
We own a timeshare there. There are plenty of other high end resorts as well.

Xcaret is fun. It is a nature park. Has animal exhibits, swim with dolphins, dinner show etc.

We found the ruins at Chichen Itza to be more historic than Tulum's. But Tulum is a nice town to visit or stay as well.
Spent Xmas week a couple of years ago  
Section331 : 6/4/2021 1:25 pm : link
in Puerto Morelos. We rented a house so we weren't at any of the resorts, but I loved it. The Desire Resort was just south of us, so we walked by it many times, and it looked spectacular.
Went to Hotel Xcaret in December and it was great  
BurberryManning : 6/4/2021 1:53 pm : link
I believe the hotel was built in 2018 and as such featured very impressive grounds and amenities. It's an upscale all-inclusive resort tailored to families and couples, much different than the typical Spring Break Cancun experience. We really enjoyed it.

To Bubba's point, its somewhat similar to Disney in that there are a handful (5-7?) of theme/nature parks owned by the Xcaret group, of which hotel guests are granted free admission and transportation service to each. It adds more of an adventurous angle to an otherwise luxurious vacation.
Just got back from Tulum on Monday  
EliIsEliteX2 : 6/4/2021 2:40 pm : link
Was an amazing trip. I was on a bachelor party with some friends. We stayed at Papaya Playa Project. Very cool bohemian vibes. Totally in the elements.

There is still a big seaweed problem. I did not even go into the ocean once.

Party scene was great and tons of stuff to do for families too. It was a little too hot/humid for me but other than that I have nothing but positive things to say.
BrettNYG10 : 6/4/2021 5:46 pm : link
I went to Cancun/Tulum/Playa del Carmen in November.

I didn't like Cancun. Extreme overweight boomer energy. Beaches are nice and there are a few nice things to do. But blah.

Tulum was great. The cenotes, Chichen Itza, the ruins. All great.

Playa del Carmen was nice but blah. I'd rather spend more time in Tulum. There's a great restaurant called Alux with bats in it that you should go to if you do go.
It's been a while since I've been to Cancun  
Gman11 : 6/4/2021 7:29 pm : link
We enjoyed our stay, went snorkeling and boating and made it t a couple of the market places. I wanted to go back, but read that the crime lately has gotten out of control so we haven't gone back.
Bubba : 6/5/2021 7:10 am : link
As I stated earlier we go at least once a year. The crime issue is overstated. Sure there is gang activity but it is rarely inside the city limits. Granted my wife and I are a little older and do not do the night time club scene. The major resorts and their excursions are extremely safe. In addition to their own security the feds regularly patrol the beaches. Like any city in the world, US included, just got to use common sense when traveling.
Might be late  
Daniel in MI : 6/6/2021 11:56 am : link
I’ve been to all of those: Cancun, Akumal, and Playa del Carmen. All good but I’m not a Cancun guy. Too spring breaky. The others are good. Go to Xcaret or Xel-ha, fun places.

But for the most relaxing, check out Isla de Mujeres. Island a short ferry away. We stayed at Hotel Mia Reef. It’s like on its own private mini-island on the island. It was nice, food good, beautiful beaches. Was there in ‘19. There’s a nice town you can walk to, go fishing, diving, etc.

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