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Best career pass catchers on the team ...

Manny in CA : 6/6/2021 5:57 pm

1. Kadarius Toney (college) - 75.7%
2. Kyle Rudolph - 68.1%
3. Streling Shepard - 66.7%
4. "He Hate Me"(Evan Engram) - 60.7%
5. Kenny Galladay - 58.1%
6. Darius Slayton - 54.4%
7. Dante Pettis - 56%
8. John Ross - 41.5%

I DESPERATELY want the receiving corps to be a stretch-the-field type offense because Jones seems to have a good strong pro arm, but do we have that kind of reliability in the deep zones ?

Last year, the Giants had a team completion rate of 62.1%, good for 29th best; Saints were 70.9, Packers 70.7, Texans 70.1, Seahawks 68.9
Guess it helps to have a good ,accurate QB too ..  
Manny in CA : 6/6/2021 6:03 pm : link
Huh ?
George from PA : 6/6/2021 6:08 pm : link
Wasn't Jones ranked #1 in deep passes
A “stretch the field type offense” requires a solid OL...  
NYRiese : 6/6/2021 6:15 pm : link
....we don’t know if we have that.
The guys that are used more vertically are automatically going  
BSIMatt : 6/6/2021 7:19 pm : link
To have a lower catch percentage. It’s a harder completion, and I think catch % is just calculated off targets and receptions with regard to wether the pass was deemed catchable.
Meaningless stat  
theold5j : 6/6/2021 7:21 pm : link
Where did the 70% get the texans
Here's the stat source ...  
Manny in CA : 6/6/2021 7:45 pm : link

I couldn't believe the Texans either. True about Jones being #1 in deep balls, but the percentage of completions is lousy.

There are a lot of seemingly contradictor factors; no matter - how good will he be (given good protection) with targets that don't seem to be that good at catching the ball (given their historical performance numbers).

Time will tell.
Looking at these numbers, it is hard to see where the Giants improved  
Ivan15 : 6/6/2021 8:42 pm : link
With free agency. Maybe we should be looking at the QB stats because these completion percentages don’t say anything positive.
Giant John : 6/6/2021 8:51 pm : link
I can’t tell you how many people ripped the selection saying he did not have good arm strength. I never agreed then or now. His arm is fine.
RE: Looking at these numbers, it is hard to see where the Giants improved  
Toth029 : 6/6/2021 9:09 pm : link
In comment 15281140 Ivan15 said:
With free agency. Maybe we should be looking at the QB stats because these completion percentages don’t say anything positive.

It doesn't say anything.

Golladay had the best contested rate in the whole league over the past two years. He's a downfield machine.

A guy who will get slants or short routes will have a better rate but is not a better player.
"its not about stats, its about winning games"  
mattlawson : 6/6/2021 9:14 pm : link
Eli MF Manning.
Let's MF Goooooooooo
In this case ...  
Manny in CA : 6/6/2021 11:59 pm : link

The chickens (the receivers) must catch the balls (the eggs)
Its about winning games  
Rudy5757 : 6/7/2021 8:58 am : link
I know it was a different era but in Eli Mannings best years of 2011 and 2012 he only had an average of 60.5 completion %. In his last full year in 2018 it was 66% by far his best ever.

I for one like Jones a lot and think he is going to be a very good QB. I have seen flashes and we just need consistency. The key factors that have not helped his progress is that last year he had a new system with little practice, one of the worst OLs in the game and one of the worst WR corps in the game. The WR corps is no longer an excuse nor is practice but the OL is a big question mark for me. The Superbowl showed how important that is, heck we won Superbowls because our DL dominated and forced the best QB in the game to run for his life.
Good thoughts, Rudy ...  
Manny in CA : 6/7/2021 3:03 pm : link

But as you said, it is a different era; the successful execution of a pass offense is a lot more important these days.

The development of the Bucs is a great study of how a sub ordinary team can rise from a 7-9 season in 2019 to a Super Bowl winner the next year.

To your point, it did help that they secured the services of Tom Brady, but just as important; suddenly, their offensive line woke up in the middle of the season and became the foundation of their success (both in pass pro but also in run blocking).

As you noted, even Super Man (Mahomes) was running for his life, when his O-line was injury decimated coming into the the Big Dance

Winning is everything, I get it, but over the recent years the one offensive stat I always look at is TD-to-INT Ratio (in 2019: Packers 9.6, KC 5.4, Bills 3.6, Bucs 3.5, Seattle 3.1)

Kind-of-shows-you how good Rogers still is - 48 TDs, 5 INTs !

The Bucs offensive line didn’t wake up. They were always pretty good  
Zeke's Alibi : 6/7/2021 3:43 pm : link
and they addressed their big weakness with a first round pick. They also added a bunch of talent. Brady is the one that “woke up” because he needed to adjust how Arians has QBs go through reads. Jamiea was the one that held them back with awful decision making and holding onto the ball. They also had a really, really fortunate run on way to the Super Bowl as far as opponent offensive line injuries vs their great front 7. Add to the mix a hometown Super Bowl. They had a very good roster that became a great roster that was held back by QB play.
Bucs line was ranked #20 in 2019 ...  
Manny in CA : 6/8/2021 4:30 pm : link

And were still playing like that in 2020 when the Giants 2-5 almost beat them. Then they caught fire.

As far as Tom Brady (THE most competitive player in the NFL) holding anybody back' I didn't think I'd ever hear anybody suggest that.
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