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NFT: PureTalk USA

SLIM_ : 6/7/2021 7:39 pm
I've seen lots of posts about going off the grid but not a lot about trying to save money on cell phone providers so did want to get people's opinion.

I read some things on Pure Talk. Seems like they use the AT& T network but offer a lot cheaper service. I currently over Verizon. I don't live in the boonies nor do I frequent there. Right now, between my wife and I we could probably get away with 2GB per phone as far as data is concerned. I have a 12 year old that I was thinking of getting a phone also. We'd get him 2GB also.

Any commentary good or bad?
Pure Talk is fantastic  
NYRiese : 6/7/2021 10:08 pm : link
in both performance, billing service, and customer relations.
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