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Transcript: S Logan Ryan

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/8/2021 2:59 pm
S Logan Ryan

June 8, 2021

Q. You had the cornerback outing, summit, whatever you want to call it. Why did you want to do that? What did you guys get out of it?

LOGAN RYAN: Yeah, just something I've seen for years. Daniel, great leaders, a lot of quarterbacks in the league get their guys and receivers together for timing and what Daniel did in Arizona, I was out there for that. I really just wanted to bring the guys down and just have some time to ourselves. It was tough last year, joining the team so late and not really having an opportunity to bond with the guys.

So I just think those guys got to see how I work day-to-day, and we got to talk a lot about how we would play things and we actually had a boating trip and I think Bradberry said he didn't catch any fish, okay, but we talked a lot about coverage and Bradberry talking about how he was covering a guy, and really it was cool sharing stories how we covered guys in the league, so it was a great opportunity.

Q. This is a sensitive subject for some, but as one of the team leaders, how are you encouraging or not teammates as far as vaccinations are concerned and really as it relates to trying to get back to normal in the building and as far as it being a competitive advantage, as well. I know you're somebody who takes a lead on a lot of things. Just wondering how you are treating that?

LOGAN RYAN: Yeah, it's pretty simple, man. It's not my position to tell guys to get vaccinated or not or share that. It's definitely -- that's everyone's individual decision, and last year we played during COVID with a lot of safety measures and we were able to pull that off. This year, I don't know what that's going to be or what the safety measures will be but we already have them in place to play if we have to. It's not my position or anybody's position on this team to tell someone whether to be vaccinated or not.

Q. It sounded like if you got to an 85 percent threshold as a team that building-wide and locker room wide you could relax the restrictions. Is that something that could help you guys get back to normal in general?

LOGAN RYAN: Yeah, like I said, it's not in our control or our decision. Last year we literally played games without like a coaching staff. We've got to make do with what we've got.

Q. We haven't talked to you since you guys signed Adoree’ Jackson. Can you talk about your relationship with him? I know you played a role in recruiting him and you played with him in Tennessee?

LOGAN RYAN: Yeah, me and Adoree' go back a couple franchises. He's a great friend of mine and a great player. He's a great teammate. He loves to play ball. He's super talented and I'm just a believer in him because I see how hard he works day-to-day. When he came from USC as a junior, he was the youngest kid in the league, we were like babies and he was born in like '95. McKinney and Darney are born in '01. Makes me feel old. We are good friends and we like playing together and we have a good bond and it definitely makes it more productive to have a corner and safety who are really close and understand how each other thinks a little bit out there on the field.

Q. Knowing how much you know now compared to what you did last year with the schemes, what Pat Graham wants, looking at the offense, they know what Jason Garrett wants, how much do you feel this team is now ahead of where it was last year? I know some guys don't like to use the term "hit the ground running" but just the knowledge and familiarity compared to last year, is it just light years?

LOGAN RYAN: I mean, I wasn't here last year, right. I wasn't here at this time last year and I wasn't playing safety at this time last year. I am light years ahead personally. I don't think you hit the ground running. You hit it learning. It's definitely that time of the year.

Yeah, I think we are able to play and obviously do the fundamentals, and that's what this time of year is about. But the complexities and the 202s and the 303s of this defense, of football, definitely easier the more years you're into it. You're a little more fluent and I always believe with preparation, you're only going to play as good as your preparation, so with more reparation and a year's worth of reps under your belt, you should be able to perform faster and more detailed and the game should slow down for you.

I'm excited we have a lot of new pieces on offense, defense and special teams like everybody around the league. We have to work the best we can and this is what practice is for.

Q. How do you think you and Jabrill will fit together in this defense?

LOGAN RYAN: I think that's the beauty of Pat Graham. I think we have good players and I think Pat Graham has to -- or does a great job of making the defense fit the players. I don't know, but I think we have a versatility to do multiple positions. I'm a big proponent of playing 11 DBs on every snap so maybe all of us will be out there in different packages.

We are far away from game planning but me, Jabril and Z, I think we are each other's biggest fans. I think we like playing together. I think there's no selfishness there, and I try to give them every trick that I know and have learned through the years, I try to put that down to them and allow them to be better players than me at that age. I love coming to work with those guys. They are great guys and we are finding a way to all enjoy each other.

Honestly, me personally, I'm looking at just what the best safety rooms in the league look like and hold ourselves to that standard in terms of practicing and working every single day and pushing each other.

Q. You guys came one game shy of making the playoffs last year and you've obviously been on the other side many times. What's the message to the rest of the team to get the job done this year and what do you need to do differently to take that step?

LOGAN RYAN: The message is it's a new year. I care about coming out and executing and running our defense better and running our offense better. We definitely got some more horses in the stable this year as you know, but it's a team sport. I mean, you have to come together and execute. To me it's about execution and details and want-to and winning games is all that matters. I don't play this game to have losing records and try to get one game better than 6-10. We have to take it one step at a time and the message is to build a foundation and embrace it.

It was 93 degrees out there; humid. You guys were out there and almost passed out and you weren't even running around. The conditioning is great for us, and this is the time of the year to get that.

Q. Wanted to follow up on the gathering in Florida. Is this something you found rewarding and is it a barometer that you and the secondary are using so you can be one of the best secondaries or safety rooms in the league?

LOGAN RYAN: Yeah, I think just how many guys wanted to be there, how many guys want to learn. You know, I think I'm kind of the middle child, as J. Cole will say where I'm not that, that old but I don't relate with the 21-year-olds in the league nowadays. The guys we have, they really want to learn and be coached and they really ask the questions, especially Z, he wants to pick our brain and pick my brain on how to do things.

It's very different from what you hear about the modern day athlete and how they want to learn. They want to learn and see the process of what it takes to put together a nine- or ten-year career. I was really inspired by just the bonding that took place. It's going to be special and it's going to pay off.

The barometer for what I do, I always look at last year's just statistics, like broad, who was the top secondary, is it the Rams, what are some of the numbers that they put up, what are some of the franchise numbers, the best Giants secondaries, who are those players and I reached out personally this year, I reached out to Antrel Rolle, I reached out to Jason Sehorn and I reached out to Corey Webster and I reached out to those guys and I said, "Hey, I want to pick your brain and be great like you. I respect what you have done in the past, can you give me anything."

And all those guys were so honored and willing and eager to be a part of our secondary and they were willing and eager to help out. They were thankful that I reached out to try to build the bridge between the current secondary and former greats. I want to be like them and lead those units and I asked them personally how to be a better leader and a player. I’m an empty cup. They are filling it up, and I just try to relate that and try to teach the history of the franchise to the young guys so we know that our standard is to be one of those secondaries to make the organization and the fan base proud.

Q. Thumbs up or thumbs down on the new J. Cole album?

LOGAN RYAN: Thumbs up. It's the off-season.
I love Logan Ryan  
AJ23 : 6/8/2021 3:23 pm : link
Give me 53 of him.
Who's Z?  
Dave : 6/8/2021 9:29 pm : link
is he referring to X?
reaching out to those retired players?  
mpinmaine : 6/8/2021 10:21 pm : link
can only be good
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