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Transcript: WR Kenny Golladay

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/8/2021 3:00 pm
WR Kenny Golladay

June 8, 2021

Q. How long do you think it's going to take you to acclimate? You only knew one team in the NFL. What is your sense of what this new team is all about, the new offense, where you fit in and what you can do? How long is it going to take you do you think to acclimate and what's your sense right now of what's going on around you?

KENNY GOLLADAY: I mean, as of right now, I just love the energy. There's a lot of young guys including myself. We are out there right now with a lot of energy and I feel like it just brings excitement to everyone. And as far as what I feel I can do to this team, as of right now, I'm just trying to get this playbook all the way down so that I can just play more comfortable and the coaches can have more trust in me, D.J. (QB Daniel Jones) can have more trust in me, just the guys that are around me. For me it's about expanding the trust from those guys.

Q. From what you've seen so far, what is it about this offense that makes you believe that your skills and what you bring to the table is going to be a good fit there?

KENNY GOLLADAY: I mean, today is the first day of mini-camp. First time we are out there for the full two hours. We caught some pretty good sun today. It was hot. But as of right now, everyone is just getting better. This is a new team. It's not the same team as of last year. As of right now this is just day one of getting better.

Q. A lot of times when newcomers come along to the Giants, they speak about what has impressed them the most with the Lombardi Trophies and the organization. With your short time here, what has stood out to you and helped you feel more acclimated?

KENNY GOLLADAY: Just all the guys in the building. I pretty much have someone new that I haven't seen every day just coming up and greeting me and making sure that I'm comfortable. That's a great start for me, me just being a new guy like you said and everyone in the building including my teammates making sure I got a spot out here, telling me about restaurants and just making me feel at home.

Q. What are your first impressions of Daniel Jones and have you spent any time outside the facility together?

KENNY GOLLADAY: Me and Danny hooked up a few times outside of the facility. I didn't really come into it with any expectations to be honest but as of right now, that's my boy. I can't wait to just really work with him deeper in training camp and especially when the season starts.

Q. You've obviously been through the spring program several seasons now in this league. When you come into this one, what are you working on personally in your game? What do you need to do to ramp yourself up to be ready for training camp?

KENNY GOLLADAY: I pretty much say this every year, just still becoming a better all-around receiver and that's hand, routes and this year it's going to be playbook. And just getting all my alignments and assignments correct.

Q. When you guys are going at a controlled tempo, whether it's in seven-on-sevens or team, can you work on that stuff? Is it harder or more of a challenge to work on that stuff when you don't have the DB playing aggressively or are you used to being able to fine tune those things?

KENNY GOLLADAY: To be honest it kind of helps you a little bit more because it allow you to get your feet under you a little bit more and allows you to focus on those details that you're really doing individually with the receivers coach. I just take what I do with individuals and apply those under-control team periods.

Q.. What is it like for you, a veteran in the league that's accomplished a lot and you've worked with a veteran quarterback in Detroit and here you are now with the Giants. Do you feel like it's an opportunity to prove yourself all over again to a different football team and football audience, almost?

KENNY GOLLADAY: 100 percent. This is just a new chapter in my life right now. I definitely feel like I have to go out there and prove to other people including myself, it's different for me. I got drafted to Detroit. Played all four years there. This is a whole different environment right now. So I'm just ready to accept the challenge and just ready to go to work.

Q. You did sign a big contract and you are basically the No. 1 guy here now. Does that add a little extra pressure on you for the season?

KENNY GOLLADAY: To be honest, it really doesn't. I'm confident in my game. I'm confident in my work ethic and I know Coach Judge is going to be on me. I hope JG (Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett) will be on me as well. I'm the type of person I never want to be content and I don't ever want to let myself get like that and I'm going to work and make sure that I leave everything out there.

Q. When you look at football, as a skill player, people are judged by statistics, numbers, catches, touchdowns. Do you judge yourself by your statistics or by the team winning and losing?

KENNY GOLLADAY: I mean, to be honest if I go out there and have a monster game, 300 receiving yards and we lost, it really doesn't mean anything. So it’s definitely team first. It's a great stat for me but at the same time, we lost.

Q. You mentioned that you and Daniel Jones hooked up a couple times in the off-season. Can you share what you did and what kind of work you got in and how it's helped you coming into this mini-camp?

KENNY GOLLADAY: I mean, really just getting a feel for him, him getting a feel for me and just going out there, it was actually all the receivers, chilling. You know, just bonding with the guys and going out there and working out.

Q. You talking about Arizona?

KENNY GOLLADAY: We went to a couple spots.
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