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Transcript: WR Darius Slayton

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/10/2021 3:25 pm
WR Darius Slayton

June 10, 2021

Q. Joe Judge was mentioning earlier that when Kadarius Toney was drafted, he made sure to check with (WR Sterling Shepard) Shep if it affects him. You guys have added two receivers, Kadarius and also Kenny Golladay. Have you had any discussions with anybody about how that affects you and what do you make of this new receiver core? They obviously have a lot of talent?

DARIUS SLAYTON: I'm excited about all the guys, KT (Kadarius Toney) and John Ross and KG (Kenny Golladay). I'm excited about all the guys. I think you just take the more the merrier the mindset.

Q. No one has specifically come up to you and said, look, this affects you or doesn't affect you? Have you had any of those discussions with any of the coaches?


Q. How different is the offense for you and do you see any significant difference with (QB) Daniel (Jones) considering you're in the second year in this specific scheme? Do you see a difference in knowledge and what you bring to the playbook?

DARIUS SLAYTON: All of us here last year -- so there's familiarity coming in starting -- obviously been able to progress a little faster this summer.

Q. You and Daniel came through the same draft class, as someone who has seen him since the beginning, how much has Daniel grown?

DARIUS SLAYTON: I think he's grown tremendously, physically in his body, it's almost like this last off-season, he was all of a sudden jacked and actually had cuts in his arms and stuff. You know, he actually made a physical change and he's grown as a leader -- as well as physically developing has become a better football player.

Q. You were asked a little earlier about all the additions and you said the more the merrier, do you have any concerns that you could be the guy that's pushed aside by this new group?

DARIUS SLAYTON: No, not really. I wouldn't really worry about it. I try to go out and be the best I can be and excited for what this team has in store.

Q. Can you sort of maybe find a different niche, a newer thing, and focus on something because of the other players that they brought in?

DARIUS SLAYTON: I don't know. I mean, right now I'm just focused on trying to make sure I learn all my assignments and make sure I'm ready for the next call.
What's up with that first question?  
Snacks : 6/10/2021 4:03 pm : link
Good answer by DS. Don't give em' anything.

Maybe i'm wrong but that question reads like someone trying to stir up shit.
Never mind.  
Snacks : 6/10/2021 4:18 pm : link
Re-read it and it doesn't sound so bad now. Second question if anything is weird but i don't think it was intended to stir anything up.
The players responses  
KeoweeFan : 6/10/2021 5:09 pm : link
this week are a lot more intelligent than some of the reporters' questions.

Wonder if JJ has a little room like when Senators prep a SCOTUS nominee prior to a confirmation hearing. (wink)

A lot of answers could have been scripted by JJ.
Team chemistry should be outstanding.
My guy...  
Jim in Forest Hills : 6/10/2021 5:11 pm : link
Big year this year DS!
Given some of the issues he had last year  
wonderback : 6/11/2021 9:42 am : link
It might have behooved them to ask a question regarding his injury situation last year and how he’s doing now. Ya think?
ALL reporters questions these days  
Dave on the UWS : 6/11/2021 10:57 am : link
are intended to stir shit up- create news, for clicks. Reporting of actual news is dead.
In light of the fact that Judge called Shep after Toney was drafted...  
Klaatu : 6/11/2021 12:07 pm : link
I don't think it was unreasonable to ask Slayton if he was afforded the same courtesy, even though their situations are different.
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