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Transcript: CB James Bradberry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/10/2021 3:27 pm
CB James Bradberry

June 10, 2021

Q. James, good to see you. What do you like about this secondary? You made a lot of headlines about all the offensive play-makers that you guys brought in but you guys have built up the secondary pretty well too.

JAMES BRADBERRY: With the addition of Adoree' (Jackson), I like the feel that he brings to the secondary. Right now we are trying to get our chemistry down and get the communication down. But I think we are going to be pretty solid. He's a great athlete and he's also smart as well.

Q. How does that help you? Last year you had a sort of rotating cast on the other side of the field. Does having somebody there finally help you at all?

JAMES BRADBERRY: I wouldn't necessarily say it helps me. I would say with the addition of Adoree' it helps the overall defensive scheme. In this league every team probably has a fast guy and if you can match Adoree', it gives your defense -- inaudible.

Q. First of all, do you think the way that the secondary is set up now with Adoree', you guys are more capable of playing man defense, man coverage, pretty much whatever you want?

JAMES BRADBERRY: I mean, I think we were capable of playing man last year. But of course in addition to having his speed that definitely gives you more upside and more versatility like I said. You have the (Kansas City Chiefs WR Tyreek) Hills of the world, a fast guy, so match up with a fast guy gives you more versatility. Not sure if we'll play more man or not but more versatile always.

Q. Your second year in the program with Patrick Graham, you have a lot of safeties and a lot of guys you can put in off the field, how confident are you that Patrick Graham will figure all this out?

JAMES BRADBERRY: I think he did a great job last year. He put me in position to make plays when I'm on the field so I'm looking forward to being under his wing for another year and just continue to learn from him and also put him in a better position to make more plays.

Q. Just wanted to ask you, you guys didn't have an off-season program last year. You do have some players that have played together before your secondary, but what is the real benefit of having an off-season program together for you guys?

JAMES BRADBERRY: Just continue to get those reps together, build that chemistry. Kind of learn really off the field you learn how guys how they tick, what motivates them, how you need to approach them, like if you need to discuss a certain scheme or discuss something that you and him need to work on, just building that chemistry, that camaraderie.

Q. You were asked if Adoree' helps you and you said not really but does it help in terms of matchups that he can cover those and you can go cover the big receivers?

JAMES BRADBERRY: Definitely when we're playing those big guys, I would definitely like to match up with a physical guy on physical guy and fast guy on fast guy.

Q. This week in mini-camp was it frustrating as a defensive back you couldn't contest passes?

JAMES BRADBERRY: It wasn't frustrating for me. I understand what OTAs is about. It's about us building those reps and getting this chemistry and also learning the defense. When you have plays where you have guys come in, breaking up passes, it's potential for injury. We don't have pads on and I definitely understand, so I don't get frustrated.

Q. This is year two for you in this program. What have you seen from head coach Joe Judge in terms of his growth as a head coach? What's different about him that maybe we didn't notice last year?

JAMES BRADBERRY: Honestly Coach Joe is going to be Coach Joe. He's the same as he was last year. He has high expectations for us. He's going to push us to our limits. He's going to push us hard. Practice is going to be tough. Meetings are going to be informative. He's going to make sure that we get all the information that we need to make plays and he's the same coach as last year.

Q. With the playbook, do you have more of the playbook you couldn't use last year, or with the depth you have now, do you need a bigger playbook?

JAMES BRADBERRY: Oh, no, sir. I think we had a lot of plays last year as far as secondary and we're able to retain all the stuff they throw at us. They might throw more at us, might be less, it might be different than last year all together I'm not sure yet but I feel like we can retain.

Q. You missed a game last year because of a close contact. This year, if that happens, if you're vaccinated, you wouldn't miss that game. Does that impact your decision and do you talk to the guys on the team at all about that?

JAMES BRADBERRY: I haven't talked to any of the guys on the team about the vaccination. Of course that's a personal issue. Those guys can make the decision that's best for them. I'm still trying to get all the information on the vaccinations and stuff so I can make a decision. Of course I don't want to miss any games, might miss -- as far as injury or other, COVID.

Q. It seems like the vaccination would go a long way towards the second part of that.

JAMES BRADBERRY: It sure would. I have to get all the information. Still got to make a personal decision. This will be a personal decision for me. I haven't come up with the answers for that yet.
I am glad he see Jackson the same way I do  
George from PA : 6/11/2021 5:14 am : link

Bradberry and Jackson are ideal complimentary players..ONE handling the big powerful WR and the other covering the speed merchants.
Wonder how many NY Giants have not been vaccinated?  
Jimmy Googs : 6/11/2021 8:41 am : link
Jon Rahm may need to pop in this summer and give a pep talk...
FatMan in Charlotte : 6/11/2021 8:44 am : link
on Good Morning Football today as well. He's such a mild mannered guy. They had to show clips of Jabril Peppers talking trash because Bradberry doesn't normally do it.
FatMan in Charlotte : 6/11/2021 8:46 am : link
is getting roasted in Carolina because he said he hasn't been vaccinated yet.

I think if I were a professional athlete, I'd probably just avoid answering that question altogether
It may be a personal choice  
Jimmy Googs : 6/11/2021 8:50 am : link
but not being vaccinated certainly has negative consequences.

Would have to give some thought as to positives ones...
Just read this relevant article on NFL vaccinations  
Jimmy Googs : 6/11/2021 9:22 am : link
Some staggering comments...
RE: Darnold..  
giants#1 : 6/11/2021 9:28 am : link
In comment 15284443 FatMan in Charlotte said:
is getting roasted in Carolina because he said he hasn't been vaccinated yet.

I think if I were a professional athlete, I'd probably just avoid answering that question altogether

If you don't answer it, you're pretty much presumed to have not been vaccinated (see Lebron).
River Mike : 6/11/2021 11:50 am : link
I think vaccinations should be mandatory. Personal freedom is fine, but not when it puts others at risk, and not getting vaccinated does exactly that. It may sound far fetched, but it is a fact that a single unvaccinated person who gets Covid could be the individual that hosts a mutated virus that is unaffected by the vaccines, and in theory puts the rest of the world at risk. Couple that with the fact that, the Supreme Court, in Jacobson v. Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905) has already ruled that mandatory vaccination is not unconstitutional.
I am not sure yet whether they have to be mandatory  
Jimmy Googs : 6/11/2021 12:05 pm : link
but still can't figure out what a positive thing would be with regards to an NFL player or coach not getting vaccinated.
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