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Giants v Seahawks 2020

BigBlueNH : 7/19/2021 8:11 pm
showing on NFL Network now. Perhaps last year's most enjoyable game.
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 7/19/2021 8:11 pm : link
That was the best Giants win in a long, long time.
Was just coming here to post this.  
bradshaw44 : 7/19/2021 8:15 pm : link
I’m actually gonna watch this. Truly the most enjoyable game in a long while.
yep, best game of the year  
markky : 7/19/2021 8:25 pm : link
nice surprise this is on
SFGFNCGiantsFan : 7/19/2021 8:32 pm : link
I went to Giants-Hawks in '10. The Giants were up 30 plus @ halftime. Just a clinic. Seattle's a fun town; the Hawks fans-@ least then-were cool, perhaps because the team sucked then. There were a lot of Giants fans there & it sorta became a Giants home game come the second half as the Seahawks fans filtered out.
Definitely better than this atrocity  
Bricktop : 7/19/2021 9:14 pm : link
Loved the Seahawks game  
Payasdaddy : 7/19/2021 9:25 pm : link
Thought it was the first time in awhile we just laid the wood on a team
Those holes gallman running thru was great
Graham called a great game too
I had nothing to watch at 8 last night  
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 7/20/2021 5:46 am : link
And was more than pleasantly surprised to find this game on the NFL network.

Engram made some big catches, but he did cost them at least a field goal on their first possession when he did his "volleyball" move of batting the ball up in the air for an interception.

Great game for Leonard Williams. Also a big contribution from Carter Coughlin.
Honestly, the Eagles win last year was much more enjoyable  
Greg from LI : 7/20/2021 8:40 am : link
26.2 : 7/20/2021 9:39 am : link
I concur with the most enjoyable win crowd from last season folks. However that game gave me a lot of hope. Which, of course, was ultimately ripped out of my body through my heart.
Enjoyable win indeed. Recall walking the dogs in the park  
Jimmy Googs : 7/20/2021 9:50 am : link
the next day wearing a NY Giant shirt and another guy walking his dog the other way stopped me because he was wearing a NYG cap.

We chatted for a second about this nice win, and both of us agreed it looked like we had the upper hand in a path to the playoffs, finally.

Though it seemed...
was so happy after that game  
djm : 7/20/2021 11:39 am : link
then it pretty much went to shit, but it's a good game to remember and hopefully the Giants team does as well. That was the best coached Giants game we have seen in years. If the talent can meet the coaching, we are good to go.
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