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Giants worked out 3 players today

Des51 : 7/20/2021 11:26 pm
RB Mike Weber and Tyler Ervin, and CB Jordyn Peters per PFT
Giants work out Mike Weber, Tyler Ervin, Jordyn Peters - ( New Window )
Jordyn Peters  
Des51 : 7/20/2021 11:28 pm : link
Should read as a safety
What About  
Trainmaster : 7/21/2021 12:40 am : link
DE Brandon Jacobs?

RE: What About  
jeffusedtobeonwebtv : 7/21/2021 7:34 am : link
In comment 15309271 Trainmaster said:
DE Brandon Jacobs?


And in a pinch, you could play him on offense in the backfield.
Remember when the roster was so bad  
Ben in Tampa : 7/21/2021 7:43 am : link
The scrap heap tryouts would be exciting news every week?
RE: Remember when the roster was so bad  
Jimmy Googs : 7/21/2021 9:33 am : link
In comment 15309289 Ben in Tampa said:
The scrap heap tryouts would be exciting news every week?

Yes. Also remember when they would make the roster…
Tyler Ervin played with the  
jvm52106 : 7/21/2021 10:55 am : link
Packers last year. He is a returner so he could be signed with a chance to win a returner job. Plus, we may need another back for some of training while SB rehabs.
Is Dante Pettis making this team?  
mattlawson : 7/21/2021 11:41 am : link
Isn't he a returner as well?
You could do worse than Weber as depth…  
Big Blue Blogger : 7/21/2021 12:32 pm : link
…either on the roster or as an understudy on the practice squad. If not for some minor, nagging injuries his second season, he might have been OSU’s #1 RB for three years. His hamstring opened the door for Dobbins to take the top spot.
Weber and Peters  
Fred in Atlanta : 7/21/2021 7:38 pm : link
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