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NFT: Question re: Chess etiquette

DC Gmen Fan : 7/21/2021 9:53 am
If you are being beaten in a game is it poor etiquette to play a repetitive check position for a draw rather than resign?
No definitely  
Jon in NYC : 7/21/2021 9:59 am : link
not. It's a draw rather than a loss.
That's just good strategy  
Eli2020 : 7/21/2021 10:19 am : link
If you lose, your rating goes down 7-10 points.

If you tie, your rating goes 1 +/- or stays the same.

For that reason alone, your best option is to grind it out and stop the bleeding.

And unless your down to your last pieces, moving a King back and forth usually does nothing to stop a checkmate...unless the other player is a total nincompoop.

Finding a draw  
US1 Giants : 7/21/2021 10:19 am : link
in a lost position is great. No etiquette violation at all.
Thanks guys  
DC Gmen Fan : 7/21/2021 10:28 am : link
Just wanted to make sure
A classic example  
Big Al : 7/21/2021 10:38 am : link
Of nice guys finish last,
No, as others have said  
armstead98 : 7/21/2021 10:48 am : link
If you're winning it's definitely something you need to look out for and try to avoid.
Draws are a strategy  
Archer : 7/21/2021 11:59 am : link
I get so frustrated when I am playing and I am in a commanding position, but the opponent causes a draw due to time, repetition , or a stalemate.

This is a strategy that takes some time to master
Really good players know how to cause a draw and avoid losing
you'll need these  
ATL_Giants : 7/21/2021 12:58 pm : link
Chess etiquette?  
x meadowlander : 7/21/2021 2:55 pm : link
Never put pieces in your mouth during a game.
You can see Game 7 here  
ray in arlington : 7/21/2021 5:34 pm : link
where Bobby Fischer had to resort to a perpetual check to avoid a loss.
Fischer Spassky Game 7 - ( New Window )
Chess etiquette  
BobOnLI : 7/22/2021 7:29 am : link
Is an oxymoron. It is a dual to death.
The only..  
FatMan in Charlotte : 7/22/2021 8:31 am : link
bad chess etiquette is flipping the board after a loss!

RE: The only..  
Grey Pilgrim : 7/22/2021 8:43 am : link
In comment 15310002 FatMan in Charlotte said:
bad chess etiquette is flipping the board after a loss!

Is that you Fatman?

FatMan in Charlotte : 7/22/2021 8:47 am : link
I'm so large I like to splash the table.

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