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NFT: No bull an escaped Cow/Bull

pmmanning : 7/21/2021 4:42 pm
A Bull escaped a farm or something on the South Shore of Suffolk County.

Check the ring doorbell video in the link two little girls are outside a house when the Bull goes by (awesome).
Loose Bull - ( New Window )
I posted this and now the biggest ad on my BBI page  
pmmanning : 7/21/2021 4:48 pm : link
is for Heifer cattle insurance.
Have the police organized a  
Bill in UT : 7/21/2021 5:25 pm : link
If they can capture him safely,  
Giantgator : 7/21/2021 5:43 pm : link
Skylands Animal Sanctuary will take him in and he can live out his life free from harm. Hope it ends well for him.
RE: Have the police organized a  
pmmanning : 7/21/2021 5:57 pm : link
In comment 15309739 Bill in UT said:

Bill awesome I haven't HERD that before.

I have little kids so here comes bad dad jokes:

I will be careful I don't want to butcher any jokes.
Holy Cow, I have a beef with this.
Steer clear kids that bull is on the mooo-ve.
If you heard this before maybe you have deja-moo.

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