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NFT: Splenda and my low carb diet.

Marty in Albany : 7/27/2021 8:24 am
If you have type II diabetes as I do, this post may interest you. Let me start out by saying that this is only anecdotal evidence. It may not apply to your particular body chemistry.

I am on a keto-friendly diet. I keep my blood sugar under control with pills and a low carb diet. I test my blood sugar frequently.

The other day I was using those little yellow packets of Splenda (sucralose + 95% dextrose (D-glucose) and maltodextrin by volume) to sweeten my yogurt and it drove my blood sugar up by 20 points or more AND it stayed up. I don't know if the culprit was the sucralose, or the dextrose & maltodextrin, but several hundred yellow packets of Splenda went into the garbage.

Jon in NYC : 7/27/2021 8:32 am : link
may want to try Stevia instead. Not even the green packets, but finding true Stevia in the raw.
I use splenda in my coffee. One packet a cup  
superspynyg : 7/27/2021 8:57 am : link
One cup a day.
Splenda is terrible for you  
UConn4523 : 7/27/2021 9:01 am : link
spend the premium and get stevia
Thanks for sharing. I've used stevia with no noticeable problems.  
Ira : 7/27/2021 9:05 am : link
Now, I'm getting used not using any sweetner.
Hilary : 7/27/2021 9:12 am : link
I am going to try to send you 2 articles from the Mayo Clinic on sweeteners.
I had pre diabetes before I went on a diet and lost 30 pounds. I drink diet soda and have been able to keep my glucose below 100.

In general a plant based diet is a better choice than a keto diet.

I hope you are well Marty.
type 2 diabetes - ( New Window )
I've been low carb eating for  
BigRoss71 : 7/27/2021 9:19 am : link
about 5 years and the culprit in splenda is absolutely the dextrose (maltodextrin is also no good) because it is sugar.
Sucralose is not an issue for most people unless it triggers cravings, because it is not actually a sugar derivative, unlike the prior two ingredients. I'll also hop in on the recommendations for using Stevia or some form of erythritol (won't spike your blood sugar).
sugar substitute  
Hilary : 7/27/2021 9:19 am : link
A second article
Link - ( New Window )
Spend the money and get monk fruit sugar, it beats the shit out of  
Zeke's Alibi : 7/27/2021 10:19 am : link
all the other subs taste and health wise, including Stevia. Is it expensive? Compared to regular sugar sure, but in the grand scheme of things, not really.
Lines of Scrimmage : 7/27/2021 10:52 am : link
good to see you taken it seriously. Not sure if it fits your taste but cinnamon (good for blood sugar) and vanilla add some nice flavor.

Most type 2 comes from lack of exercise and too much fat. Many times you get your waist to less than 35" around the belly button and your good to go. Especially the younger people.
I went low carb (about 90% Carnivore now)...  
Klaatu : 7/27/2021 11:44 am : link
After my heart attack and type 2 Diabetes diagnosis five years ago. I've lost a ton of weight, kept it off, got my blood sugar under control fairly quickly as well as my cholesterol.

I prefer the taste of Stevia in the raw to Splenda. I use the packets in my coffee (usually two mugs in the morning, sometimes three), and in my tea (Organic India Tulsi Ashwaganda, one cup at night). I use liquid Stevia if I'm making a pitcher of iced tea (Tetley Black & Green). It's easier to store and less messy than a big bag.

I've never experienced a spike in my blood sugar from using Stevia. For that matter, I never experienced a spike (or any other negative effects) from using Aspartame, but that's not something I consume regularly.
I have used splenda before fasting glucose tests  
Payasdaddy : 7/27/2021 12:29 pm : link
Havent gotten any spikes myself
But i do need to use a little less , i put alot in my coffee but only drink it once( huge 24 oz mug). Some on cereal when i eat it a few times a a week
Will Probably go use some truvia and combine. Dont like straight stevia , mix it with splenda
My a1c been hovering around 5.8-5.9 for last 10 yrs. want to keep it under 6 57yrs old. Exercise like crazy. Waist could be better at 5'11 210. Wear 34 pants but waist probably 35. Always trying to keep midsection reasonable
Keeping A1C in check  
Payasdaddy : 7/27/2021 1:00 pm : link
Interested on how to some do it it here. Re: diet and no meds?
My go to is limit simple sugars. Pretty obvious. Any solid other suggestions
A lot of it is genetics  
DC Gmen Fan : 7/27/2021 1:22 pm : link
too. I know people who exercise, eat well, are normal weight and still fight with type 2 and IGF.

That said, exercise, walking (especially after meals), drinking a lot of water (and pretty much only water) and limiting added sugar and high carb foods is about as best as you can do in terms of what you can control.

I started using Monk Fruit as a sweetner  
Bubba : 7/27/2021 2:06 pm : link
a few months ago. Seems to work fine.
RE: Keeping A1C in check  
Klaatu : 7/27/2021 2:41 pm : link
In comment 15314207 Payasdaddy said:
Interested on how to some do it it here. Re: diet and no meds?
My go to is limit simple sugars. Pretty obvious. Any solid other suggestions

When I was in the hospital, October 2016, my A1C was 11.8, blood sugar 400! I joked that Willy Wonka's blood sugar wasn't that high.

Naturally, I was put on Insulin and Metformin. I stopped taking both few years ago (doctor's advice) with no ill effects. Two different eye doctors told me that I couldn't have been diabetic for very long, since there was no damage to my optic nerves, although I still suffer with peripheral neuropathy (and had been for a little while before my heart attack). I get my eyes checked once a year, and I also see a neurologist regularly.

I had lab work done in March, due again in August. My A1C was 6.1, the same as it was six months earlier. My blood sugar was 105. I still check it three times a day, and except for the occasional spike after a cortisone shot (or if I take a couple of Tylenols before bed - Tylenol doesn't affect everyone, but it does affect me), 105 is about average for me.

As I said above, I went full-on low carb. I don't think I've had a grain of rice, a bowl of pasta, a potato, or a slice of bread in the last four or five years (and, man, do I miss bagels...and potato chips...and Cocoa Puffs...and Pop Tarts...and Baskin-Robbins Quarterback Crunch). Needless to say no cookies, cake, or candy. Little or no sugar, especially in things like ketchup or BBQ sauce, which I used to use a lot of. There are companies that make low-carb variants (like Primal Kitchen), but they're very expensive. Easier for me to just do without.

So, the short answer for me is diet. High fat, low carb. As I also said, about 90% carnivore. Except for a little heavy cream in my coffee, almost no dairy. I go through at least a dozen eggs a week, and still my cholesterol/triglyceride levels are fine. Now, I do take a statin, so I'm sure that helps. I also take a beta-blocker and a diuretic, but that's because the damage to my heart was pretty severe. It's working at about 70% capacity according to my last MUGA scan. Aspirin every day (81 mg) after taking Plavix for a year. Multivitamin (for men 50+), additional B-12, additional C, additional Zinc, and B Complex. Collagen Peptides in my coffee.

Also, I limit myself to two meals a day, usually around 12 noon and 6 pm. I might have the occasional snack in between (usually a half-sour pickle or a hard-boiled egg) and I will eat a big salad on occasion, topped with avocado slices, maybe sliced almonds or walnuts...sometimes chia seeds. I try to mix things up from time to time so I don't get bored and then get tempted to cheat. No vegetable oils, only avocado oil and occasionally olive oil. Butter - usually grass-fed ghee (clarified butter) infused with Himalayan Pink Salt - instead of margarine. Luckily, I've always enjoyed foods like liver (beef, calves, or chicken) and sardines, so I eat them as often as possible. I also make by own bone broth.

I didn't mean to write a book, but honestly, I feel better at 61 than I did at 51.
Careful with the kidney stones  
DC Gmen Fan : 7/27/2021 2:46 pm : link
on low carb.

Make sure you're drinking plenty of water, eating low-oxalate foods and eating high calcium/low sodium
RE: Careful with the kidney stones  
Klaatu : 7/27/2021 3:00 pm : link
In comment 15314305 DC Gmen Fan said:
on low carb.

Make sure you're drinking plenty of water, eating low-oxalate foods and eating high calcium/low sodium

I have blood/urine tests every six months, sometimes more often than that if additional tests are required by my cardiologist or neurologist (they know me by my first name at Labcorp, lol). Kidney functions are always checked.

I do drink plenty of water, though, and I usually mix in a little ACV two or three times a week. I rarely if ever drink alcohol.

Curiously, my brother-in-law, who never had a weight problem and works out regularly, suffers with gout (and high blood pressure, too). My guess is genetics really does play a part in that. I smoked for 40+ years, was really overweight for a couple of years before my heart attack, yet never had high blood pressure. It used to drive my doctor nuts.
Type II dirty keto here too  
jerseyjokes : 7/27/2021 3:37 pm : link
I still use Splenda for coffee and it doesn't hit me all that hard. For other uses Swerve (Erythritol) and Allulose are great substitutions. Swerve has a little cooling effect so it doesn't work with everything. Allulose I've just started using, but it seems to be the best tasting. Monk fruit that I've seen others say isn't great IMO. Most monk fruit sweeteners are mostly other sweeteners as well.
Payasdaddy : 7/27/2021 4:50 pm : link
6.1 a1c is pretty solid. As long as it stays there u should be good to go
First time i got it checked was 8 yrs ago. Was 5.8. So idk if my baseline has always been around there. I am 57 now
Gonna go back to 16-8 IF and be more consistent. More for general health benefits, including cognitive and insulin sensitivity
Professor Falken : 7/27/2021 5:26 pm : link
Keep hearing about it and seeing it in products more and more. All-natural and doesn't raise blood sugar or insulin levels.
Allulose - ( New Window )
As a recently diagnosed diabetic  
Ron from Ninerland : 7/27/2021 7:15 pm : link
I take interest in this conversation. I didn't realize that Splenda is 95% D-Glucose which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. I guess their argument is that the sucralose is so intensely sweet that it allows you to use much Glucose than you would if you used plain old sugar. Still, how they can say this is safe for diabetics is beyond me.

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