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BBI Article on Key Questions Heading Into Camp

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/27/2021 11:19 am

Key Questions Heading into 2021 New York Giants Training Camp - ( New Window )
11. Will the resources spent in the secondary pay off?  
robbieballs2003 : 7/27/2021 11:30 am : link
RE: 11. Will the resources spent in the secondary pay off?  
Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/27/2021 11:32 am : link
In comment 15314119 robbieballs2003 said:

10 is a nice even number. ;)
They were good questions  
robbieballs2003 : 7/27/2021 11:39 am : link
I actually think  
jvm52106 : 7/27/2021 11:50 am : link
the questions around the OL staff are bigger than the OL itself. Many teams have OL units that play well together- far better than the individual talents of the players would lead you to believe. That is clearly coaching style and coaching influence. So, our OLine, which is improved, has two young guards and two young tackles that need coaching to get them to the next level or at least get them to perform as a unit.

I think this Oline has a lot of potential, let's see what the coaching staff can get out of these guys.
good stuff Eric. True, many questions, but for the first time in a  
Victor in CT : 7/27/2021 12:20 pm : link
long time it seems like they may have some viable answers
thanks Eric  
RIZZBIZZ : 7/27/2021 12:36 pm : link
look forward to your insights year after year.
insert "out"  
ATL_Giants : 7/27/2021 1:09 pm : link
4. Can Evan Engram get his head of his ass?
RE: insert  
section125 : 7/27/2021 1:30 pm : link
In comment 15314213 ATL_Giants said:


4. Can Evan Engram get his head of his ass?


Good job Eric.
I meant to add...  
ATL_Giants : 7/27/2021 1:39 pm : link
"thank you Eric". Good questions. My concern is with the interior OL, not confident in the Guard play.
Thanks Eric  
Fred-in-Florida : 7/27/2021 2:47 pm : link
Finally a little bit of real football.

I think the biggest question is he OL. Still a lot of questions that hopefully will get answers.

Gates improved greatly last year. Especially for someone who never played the position before.
Thomas and Peart were rookies. Thomas improved as the year progressed. Peart had a few moments but has a lot of room for improvement.
Hernandez has underwhelmed after starting out pretty decent his first 2 years. Lemieux showed promise but wasn't exactly all that great in pass protection.

Here's hoping Sale lives up to his billing as a great teacher. Flaratey (sp?) has proven himself in the past. these guys have thier work cut out.
9. Can Leonard Williams duplicate or build upon his 2020 success?  
Klaatu : 7/27/2021 3:11 pm : link
I'm going to say no. I think Williams will revert back to what he's been for the majority of his career - a good, but not great player, good for 5-7 sacks this year at best.
The Larger Practice Squad  
Angus : 7/27/2021 6:06 pm : link
That can include more experienced players and protect such players will play into who they get to keep as well. Hypothetically, players like Sills could be squirreled away on the practice squad. The IR rules are liberalized as well which should also make some personnel decisions easier.
Fair questions.....  
George from PA : 7/28/2021 5:40 am : link
Happy to see practice squad expanded keep some of the overflow....

If on covid 19 protocol, does that mean player not vaccinated?
Eric Peppers injury  
Reale01 : 7/28/2021 12:35 pm : link
IIRC I think it happened on a field goal play.

Great summary, your article hits the key points
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