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Transcript: Head Coach Joe Judge

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/5/2021 4:53 pm
Head Coach Joe Judge

August 5, 2021

Q: (Offensive Tackle) Andrew Thomas didn’t really do much yesterday, why was that?

A: It was a third day in back in pads. For some of the guys, coming off the loads they had the year before, and he's obviously coming of an injury and surgery at the end of last year, so we just take all that all of that into account. It wasn't a direct issue of something we couldn't do, but it was just us being cautious.

Q: (Defensive Back) Logan Ryan said after the fight that he had no regrets on what he did out on the field. You had scolded those guys and said what they did out on the field was wrong, so was it disappointing to hear one of your leaders say that he doesn’t regret doing that stuff?

A: We've handled everything in house. This team is good, we’re moving forward. We understand that we have to learn from our mistakes. We can't do anything that's going to lead to penalties or consequences that can affect us in a game. We coach holding and offsides the same way we coach the fight right there. Anything that leads to penalties and sets us back in the game, we are not going to consent to.

Q: Do you have any update on (Wide Receiver) Kenny (Golladay)?

A: I don't, I know he’s with the trainers right now. These first 36 to 48 hours is the biggest, as far as what his timetable may be. We're hoping for the best. We're going let him go ahead and keep getting treatments and see where it progresses over the next week.

Q: He met with the doctors yesterday. Was it just a pull, or is it anything more serious?

A: I'm not going into specifics of it right there. I’m not trying to create some fabricated timetable, not from you, but from people in the public based on just a word. Every injury is different, whether we say it's a pull, or strain, or whatever it may be. Guys react differently to everything and their bodies are different. So, I'm going to make sure that he has every opportunity to rehab and get back on the field when his body is ready.

Q: How is (Tight End) Kyle Rudolph? I saw him in the first week on the side, but I haven’t seen him these last couple days. Did he have a setback or is he doing something different?

A: No, we're just kind of changing up some of the treatment that we're doing inside with him. Sometimes, he’ll be more available on the field and be out there with the team. Other times, because the training room and the rehab facilities are more open for him to use when the players aren't in there, we go ahead and do that.

Q: We saw (Offensive Guard) Shane (Lemieux) back out at practice today. Are you guys doing the ramp up thing that you've been doing with these guys as they come back?

A: We are, so we're ramping up right now. He'll be active through a walkthrough today. Today's the fourth day, we did three days in a row, high tempo and pads. Today is a back down day with more of a mental day teaching on the field. We’ll go at a much slower pace. It's a walkthrough, at the most, it should be a slow jog if anything. We’re going to control the tempo and the volume on our players. Shane will participate fully in this. I’d say if it was a full practice, he’d be doing less and he'd be building up to it. We'll see how he feels tomorrow and how much we can allow him to do tomorrow.

Q: He’s not had to eat his own arms or legs?

A: If he did, they grew back.

Q: (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney), is he close to getting into a full practice and what have you seen from him?

A: Yeah, he's doing more and more every day. We're pleased what he's doing on the field. He's progressing physically at a nice rate. Right now, we're kind of building towards next week with a lot of these guys. They'll continuously work throughout today's walkthrough, tomorrow, and Saturday as well, and see how they feel coming out going on Monday.

Q: Maybe they’re involved in different circumstances, but there were two guys that retired days after signing, just how did you react to that?

A: Well, both guys were great guys. We looked forward to coaching both of them. In the brief time we had both them, they both made strong impressions. (Linebacker) Todd (Davis), obviously for his own personal situation, we talked. I'm not going to disclose what we talked about in the office, but we left the door open in terms of if something were to change in the future. I think this guy has got ability. I think he would have been here and competing with our players. He would’ve been on the field for us if he had a spot on the team. In terms of (Center) Joe (Looney), a tremendous amount of respect to this guy as a person. As a player, I’ve known through the league. We had a very, very good talk yesterday morning.

These are tough decisions on guys. As you get vets later in their career, they started training camp, it's not uncommon for this to happen. Now, you don't want it to happen, but you have to respect the decision each person makes for their family. I'd say in both these cases, not to speak for the players, but both of them had family situations that they had to attend to, and that was a large part of the decision. I think both guys could've helped us. We left the door open for both guys based on what may open up in the future. If they change their mind and something goes, but they made the strongest impression, personality wise, mentally in the meetings, and on the field, both guys did show enough improvement. I mean, the time was short, but we knew them both from being vets in the league. We respect them both. To be honest, we'd like to have the option to keep coaching both. But we respect their decision and are wishing the best going forward to their families.

Q: Joe, is it fair to say that you’ll be cautious with Kenny and his hamstring because it is so early in camp? It doesn’t seem like there’s a reason to want to push him and rush him back.

A: I'm going to let the medical team take care of that. I just ask for the updates and they tell me where the player is. When they say he's ready to go, we go and put him on the field and build him up if we have to. I don't want to start throwing around words like that, not by you, are misconstrued. The public goes ahead and puts a label on someone. We treat all of our players the same. We're going to push him to be on the field when they're ready, and medical and strength team do a tremendous job of getting these guys back on the field.
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