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Transcript: Defensive Lineman Leonard Williams

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/12/2021 5:07 pm
Defensive Lineman Leonard Williams

August 12, 2021

Q: It looked like you had fun last night?

A: Yeah, I mean it was awesome to have fans back out there in the home stadium, especially for those rookies that were in here last year, they never got to play in front of Giants fans. It was a lot of good energy out there.

Q: Were you leading cheers?

A: Me and (Defensive Lineman) B.J. (Hill) at the end were trying to do some crowd waves at the end there and I threw some gloves in the stands and stuff like that. Like I said, it was just great to have that energy back out there.

­­Q: What did you learn about Giants fans that maybe you didn’t know when you were a Jet?

A: That they’re passionate, that they’re rowdy, which I like, as any football player would like. It was just a practice and to have that many fans out there just for a practice says a lot about the type of fan base that we have. They came to show up.

Q: Are they different than Jets fans, Giants fans?

A: I’m sure every fan base is different.

Q: Well, you experienced four or five years, so what’s the difference?

A: I’m not sure. Same stadium, different colors.

Q: Different loudness?

A: Honestly, sometimes when I get into my flow out there, I don’t really hear the crowd, so it’s hard to pay attention to it sometimes.

Q: What makes (Safety) Jabrill (Peppers) an emotional leader on the field?

A: I think just his consistency and his energy that he brings to the table, do you know what I mean? Whether he’s tired, whether he’s having a bad day or not, he’s bringing guys up with him and that’s what makes him such a good leader. He’s not focused on just having a good day on his own, he’s focused on making sure other people are matching his energy and bringing the same intensity to practice every day.

Q: What kind of things is it common for him to say to get guys pumped up? What do you usually hear from him?

A: It’s actually a funny joke that at the end of practice he always tells guys to get in the film room and watch film and get into the playbooks and stuff like that. It’s different with him because usually when we’re practicing, he doesn’t talk about corrections and stuff like that, it’s all about energy, but at the end of practice, he’s talking about corrections.

Q: I mean, during the game itself, can you recall some things that he might say on the field?

A: I mean, it’s hard for me to pinpoint one thing, it’s just his constant energy. Like he’s bouncing around, hopping around, we always say he’s on like energy drinks, Red Bulls, coffee, all types of stuff all day. He just brings the intensity, whether it’s his body language or what he’s saying verbally, he just brings it.

Q: That’s good for a defensive player to have a guy like that on your side, right?

A: Yeah, exactly. The defense runs off of energy and having him back there and just feeling his presence at all times definitely gets guys going.

Q: What did George Martin say to you guys today?

A: Oh, he was just saying how this is a competitive league and to know that we’re not just playing for ourselves and you know that the lineage of guys that have been here before, they lose when we lose, they win when we win, and they bleed when we bleed. That’s kind of what stuck with me. He’s basically telling us that we’re not in this on our own and that they’re going to be riding with the guys in red and blue.

Q: You’ve been in a bunch of different training camps before, how would you describe a (Head Coach) Joe Judge training camp?

A: I mean, it’s definitely intense. It’s definitely competitive. We have to make sure that we bring it every day. We make sure we get our rest, our recovery, because when we step on those lines, it’s full go, you know what I mean? I think guys thrive well under him. I know I do. Someone that’s on top of me, pushing me, making sure I work hard whether whoever’s in front of me and whoever I am cause like he’s going to push you know matter who you are. I think I thrive well under someone like that.

Q: It’s harder than previous camps just the way it’s run? Whatever you do out here, the running, the sprinting, the conditioning, you have two joint practices coming up.

A: I mean, I think camp is always going to be a little tough and I think it’s necessary. You have so many months off during the offseason and no matter how hard you train, it’s hard to be in football shape. You can come in and be able to run and be able to lift, but you can’t really practice against taking on double teams all offseason. It’s just a different type of body motion and feeling that you get. It’s needed. But also, compared to it before, I’ve never been able to go to my own house during camp and stuff, which makes a difference with COVID and stuff like that.

Q: So you guys like that?

A: Yeah, I think so. I think if you’re professional enough to make sure you’re going to bed at a decent time and being a professional about it, I kind of like it.

Q: The coaches might feel a little different, no?

A: Yeah, I’m sure. They want to make sure everyone’s getting their rest and stuff like that.

Q: Also, I think the bonding, do you miss that part of it when you’re stuck there with guys?

A: We also are ending camp a little bit earlier than I have in the previous years. Sometimes we’ll end camp around nine o’clock and most of the times in those situations, even if we’re all in the same hotel, guys are going home and going straight to sleep. I mean, I think we do a lot of good bonding and things around the building. We have Team of Teams stuff going on here and I think Judge does a good job of making sure we all know each other. Even in the locker room, we have a pretty tight-knit locker room.

Q: You’ve been here a year and a half maybe. When you look at the Jets roster, how much has that turned over?

A: You know, I haven’t been able to pay attention to it too much besides their offense because that’s who I’m going to be going against, so I have to look at their offense every once in a while. But as far as their overall roster, I know they have a different coaching change and stuff like that, but it’s hard to focus on them when I’m worried about us.

Q: Do you think you’re playing Saturday?

A: I’m not sure. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m preparing as if I will be.

Q: Any early impressions on (Jets Quarterback) Zach Wilson?

A: I honestly haven’t had a chance to look at him. I don’t really watch tv when I get home.

Q: I mean, you watch tape of the Jets, right?

A: Yeah.

Q: He’s the rookie quarterback and starting on Saturday.

A: I don’t think he’s played a game. We only have film of college.

Q: Anything stand out about his college tape?

A: I don’t know, he’s a rookie.
aGiantGuy : 8/12/2021 6:58 pm : link
Questions are absolutely brutal
Toth029 : 8/12/2021 7:04 pm : link
Tape of the Jets to get an idea about their rookie QB.

Genius questions. Was it Lombardo?
RE: Wow  
KeoweeFan : 8/12/2021 8:10 pm : link
In comment 15329010 aGiantGuy said:
Questions are absolutely brutal

You have Leonard Williams to yourself for an interview. Did it occur to the reporter to ask some questions about Leonard Williams instead of what he thinks about other players or other teams?

Do we have to read an interview with Peppers to find anything about Leaonard?
A lot of people think  
bLiTz 2k : 8/13/2021 6:20 am : link
We are unnecessarily hard on the media around here..

But holy shit, the questions on these player interviews this camp have been mind numbingly bad. I actually think we have some decent beat reporters too...Duggan, Ranaan, Traina, Art, Schwartz. These are all smart reporters. Who the hell is asking these questions?
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