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Post-Game Transcript: OG Kenny Wiggins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/14/2021 11:54 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Jets) Transcripts: G Kenny Wiggins

August 14, 2021

Q: You wound up getting a lot of reps tonight. How’d you feel like it went for you out there?

A: Good and bad. Plays you want to have back. Every single time you're always striving to have the perfect game, which is very hard to do in this league. But yeah, good. Some good, some bad. Hopefully we can get rid of more of the bad and have more good.

Q: When you come out of the lineup and you notice a guy gets hurt and you have to come back in, I know you're probably not shutting down completely, but is that a challenge to get back in when you think your night’s done?

A: No, I mean, throughout my career I've been a starter, I've been a backup, I've been a role-player, whatever it is, I've, I've kind of done it all. So that's just old hat for me. Going in, getting plugged in at different positions or whatever it is, I'm just here to play football.

Q: You were playing with four other guys who’ll likely be starters, what'd you think of the whole offensive line operation?

A: I think it's good. Again, some good, some bad. It’s still early in camp, we're still trying to get a feel for each other and everything like that. But we had some good double teams and stuff like that. Good communication. That's really what you want to see in these preseason games is good communication and everybody being on the same page. That's when things go wrong – when different people are on different pages. If we're all on the right page, then we're all right together, or all wrong together.
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