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Post-Game Transcript: QB Mike Glennon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/15/2021 12:08 am
NYG Postgame (vs. Jets) Transcripts: QB Mike Glennon

August 14, 2021

Q: Mike, what did you think of the operation in the time you were in there?

A: Yeah, you know, the first drive obviously wasn't very good, two incompletions and a sack. But then it was good to see the second and third drive put together some long play drives and just move the ball. Obviously, particularly the last one, you don't want to end with the turnover on the, I don’t know what yard line, we were inside the five. But it was good to see us move the ball after it kind of started slow.

Q: How valuable was it to get live reps with the first-team offensive line? I know it typically doesn’t happen in practice, what do you take from that?

A: Yeah, I think it's great to get with those guys because if something were to happen, those were the guys to be with. So, to get more familiar with them and really just throwing to guys like (Wide Receiver) Darius Slayton, I don't typically get a lot of reps with him in practice cause (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) is usually getting those reps. It's always good to get an opportunity to play with the ones. So to (Head Coach) Joe's (Judge) point that the backup usually doesn't get to do that, so I appreciate that opportunity.

Q: Did this feel a little weird in the sense it was the first preseason game, but itelt like a fourth preseason game?

A: Yeah. I don't know the whole preseason. I feel like since I got in the league, the whole trajectory has changed. It used to be everything built up to the third game and then it started a couple of years ago it was like no one played anymore. Now it seems like maybe teams are treating the first game like the fourth game and the third game, like the third games – I don't know. You guys have probably been around long enough to see the same thing, so I don't know what the plan is. But yeah, it felt kind of more like a fourth, which is weird, but we'll see. Maybe that's what it’s going to be going forward now that there's only three games.

Q: Mike, obviously now with joint practices becoming all the rage and it kind of plays into what you're saying. I would imagine next week getting in those situations, competitive situations not just in the game, but in practice with another team, I would think the veterans on this team ramp up a little bit more too, right?

A: I would definitely think so, especially for the guys that didn't play today. I think that's probably what was communicated to them is you know you're not playing this week, but we got to get ready for Cleveland and kind of treating those practices as I wouldn't say as games, but you know that’s the reason we're going is to get those joint practices to take advantage of those days. Yeah, I think the veterans probably feel a kind of, I don't know, I don't wanna say sense of urgency, but it will be more than just a normal practice here at our facility.
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