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Transcript: Defensive Back Logan Ryan

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/19/2021 6:12 pm
Defensive Back Logan Ryan

August 19, 2021

Q: How was it to go out there and practice against some different faces?

A: It was great. It was great. I’ve been part of a few joint practices in my career. I think they’re great, different stimulus, taking the show on the road, dealing with different pressures and stuff like that. (They’re) kind of like the road games, so you’ve got to bring your own energy. I think we did a good job today. We won some, we lost some, but it’s practice, you learn from it. Nobody was perfect today on both sides. Come back tomorrow and make the adjustments.

­­Q: That felt like the longest two-minute drive in the history of football, but what will you take away on that drive?

A: You’re just playing the drills. It was a good simulation. Yeah, they did take a lot of time, but we tackled them in bounds, we did what we were supposed to do. He threw one up in the end, I don’t know if he came down with it, don’t know if he’s sacked, it’s hard in practice to really tell those. We got to run a lot of our defenses in the two-minute that we don’t get to practice all the time, so it was good. You don’t know what routes they’re going to run. We’re used to our offense. I’ve got a good tell of their playbook, but I don’t know this playbook. So, just running our defense against these guys and it was a good two-minute.

Q: Is it hard to hold back when you see a different team out there and to not finish the play?

A: Finish them to the ground? No man, we’re all professionals. It’s practice, you know what I’m saying? I get paid on game day, so this is practice. I’m not out there taking cheap shots. I’m not trying to tackle to the ground. If they catch it, they catch it. In the game, we can take them to the ground. As a professional DB, you’ve got to learn how to practice and you’ve got to learn how to play on Sundays. It’s a different level of intensity on Sundays than practice, so you’re just being professional.

Q: How valuable is it for a guy like (Cornerback) Darnay (Holmes) to get so many reps against (Browns Wide Receiver) Jarvis Landry in the slot?

A: It’s valuable. Jarvis is really tough. He’s really crafty. But you know, Darnay goes against Shep (Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard) every day and those two are two of the better ones in the league. I think they do it different ways, but Darnay is getting good experience every single day.

Q: How slanted are those one-on-ones towards the offense when you have to cover a guy basically half the field?

A: It’s tough. In the regular game, there’s a d-line, they might not be able to run a one-yard over route for a catch or whatever. It’s a drill. It’s slighted against you, but guess what? The rules in the NFL are slighted against the DBs anyways. You’ve just got to take it for what it is. I view it like a batting average. I’m not going to bat 1,000 percent in one-on-ones. No DB is covering 1,000 percent. You win five-out-of-10, six-out-of-10, seven-out-of-10, you’re All-Pro. (Former NFL Cornerback) Darrelle Revis might have been holding people to 30 percent catch rates, so he’s winning seven-out-of-10. Most guys are going to win five-out-of-10. So, if I win my half, a little more than that, than that’s a good day.

Q: Around the league with these joint practices there’s a bunch of skirmishes, a few fights, this looked like complete work and no nonsense. You guys were drilled in pretty good to just working?

A: Yeah, we had our fights already for camp (laughs). (Head Coach) Joe (Judge) made it clear we’re not going to be doing that. They have a really good head coach, and they have a really good system, and scheme and good players over there. They’re really professional, so it was just work. We talked before, a couple of the leaders on both sides. I just don’t even think the intensity was even close to that level to get to that. It was good work.

Q: Did you like that or can it be ratcheted up a little bit more to get the most out of this?

A: I think they need a better speaker. Our speaker’s better at home (laughs). We should have brought our speaker for the music. It is what it is. It’s work. We get to play them in a preseason game with more more intensity and a regular season game and stuff like that. To me, the NFL’s about executing, like you can come out rah-rah, ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage off the bus, but you still got to be able to play. For us, we’ve got to execute our defense, execute our calls. I mean, we don’t even have our whole playbook in right now, we’re just running some basic stuff.

Q: Do you care about them celebrating as big as they did after that last pick?

A: No, that’s football. I mean, it’s football, so I don’t know what’s a taunting penalty anymore or what not, so I don’t know. But hey, if you can celebrate and not get a taunting penalty than good for you, you figured it out.

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