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Transcript: Tight End Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/19/2021 6:53 pm
Tight End Evan Engram

August 19, 2021

Q: How did you feel it went today?

A: I always say we could be better, but it was just good to get out here to compete against some other guys. Definitely higher intensity. Felt like more was on the line going into this. It’s like a little mini game, getting live reps. I thought we did some things well. We’ve definitely got to get back to the hotel and look at the film and clean up the things that we need to clean up.

Q: On that last two-minute drill you guys wanted to stay on the field, obviously, longer than that?

A: Yeah, we’ve got to stay on the field there. (We’ve) got to start better on the first play, got to keep it moving, kind of get in the rhythm. We’ve got to stay on the field.

Q: What did you see on the interception? Was that to you?

A: No, that wasn’t to me. It was that combination. It was a seven and a flat (route) and the guy just made a good play.

Q: Does it seem like a different defense than you played a year ago?

A: Things are a little different. Basically, same scheme and stuff. But I mean they’ve got some new talent over there, new guys. It’s always something different. It’s just different because it’s the most different we’ve seen. We’ve seen our defense everyday until today. That was a good switch up for us, saw some different things and be able to work on some different things too.

Q: Does this feel like a game to you, or does it still feel like a dialed-up practice?

A: No, I’ve had gameday vibes ever since we got to the hotel last night, and I know I’m not the only one. It’s a great opportunity for guys and for everybody that’s trying to make the team, to get film out there, to get film for the coaches to evaluate. It definitely had a little gameday feel and I think that’s good for us too.

Q: How many times in the last two to three days have you guys been told not to do stupid things out there like fighting?

A: Not at all. We don’t know anything about that, so we’re good (laughs).

Q: Is this the kind of work – I mean it seemed like everyone was very professional out there and everyone played hard…

A: Yeah, I actually expected it to be a little bit more chippier than it was. Guys respect each other, we know we’re trying to get work, we’re being smart. It’s camp so obviously we’re grinding, but we’re also protecting each other. It was good comradery between the lines today.

Q: I think in one-on-ones, in your first one, you dusted the linebacker. Is it hard not to taunt a guy or say something? Is it hard not to say, ‘Gotcha’?

A: You could probably ask number three (Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard) that question, you might get another response. It’s competitive, so whenever someone chips obviously that person is probably going to chip back. Everybody is different. I just try to win between the whistle, all that extra stuff, it differs from guy to guy. I’m more of an in-between the whistle guy just by actions, and talk some smack later on.

Q: Do you gain more as an offense going against a defense that you don’t know what they’re going to throw at you in terms of scheme?

A: Definitely, we’ve played a defense everyday back in New York that shows us something new every single day. It actually was probably a little bit more slower analyzing today, just because our defense that we play everyday in New York, they throw so many different stuff and today was a little bit more base stuff, more predictable things. It is good to see different personnel and different type of bodies, different type of techniques and stuff. Just in general, it’s good for us to see something different and compete against something different.

Q: In that two-minute drill, the first play went down as a sack. How debilitating is that? You’ve been in the league long enough where when you get that first down it’s…

A: Yeah, it’s crucial, that’s a crucial down. Play one is always crucial. We’ve got to be better in protection, we’ve got to get open quicker. You could turn on the tape and there’s something everybody could do better. At the end of the day, we’ve just got to be better.

Q: What does (Senior Offensive Assistant) Freddie Kitchens bring to you guys? Obviously, there’s still interest around here about him. What does he do? Is he a good guy to have on the offensive side?

A: Freddie is a real smart coach. In his position now, he’s able to work with the line and then kind of work with us and kind of oversee the offense. His input on a lot of stuff helps us and he’s been around ball a long time. He’s been in every position room, so he knows a lot. Last year it was good working with him. For him to have a little bit more freedom this year around the offense is a big help for us.
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