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Post-Game Transcript: S Julian Love

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/22/2021 6:54 pm
NY Giants S Julian Love:

On the starting units on defense:

“We feel like this week was a huge step for us, getting out there to compete against a quality team. A little more on our plates in terms of calls and what they expect from us. I know that the starters are guys up front who are especially ready to get after it. The closer we get to Week 1, everyone is fired up. We are going to attack and get better to where we want to be. We really have to take advantage of next week.”

On looking at the starting lineup with Week 1 three weeks away:

“Training camp from the outside mind might look tough, but it has been a fun camp because you can see the improvement in a lot of people – players, coaches and all of us together building a camaraderie that we talk about so much that we want to build. As camp went on, we are still growing and getting to that point, and it is crazy we are on to our last preseason game and then we get to go at it for real.”

On any recent expressions from Head Coach Joe Judge:

“Well, you just heard him call me duct tape. That was a funny story. In a meeting in the defensive room, he said, ‘Well, we can put you in any situation, wherever we need you, you are like duct tape for us.’ That is a true story. Now everyone is calling me duct tape now because he made that comment. It is a short-term solution – duct tape. We will move on to something more permanent.”

On how duct tape means versatile:

“Listen, it might be a Philly thing where his from and how he grew up. Something is broken, and you put duct tape on it. I don’t know how his household was taken care of, but that is kind of his expression. Just do it all. I take pride in that. Obviously over the years to get better, try to establish how I want to be as a player and that involves doing a lot. I like it. I like doing a lot.”

On what WR Matt Cole is if he specifically is duct tape:

“Have you ever seen Big Fat Greek Wedding – the dad always used to put Windex on everything? We will say Matt Cole is Windex (laughter).”
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