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Post-Game Transcript: DL David Moa

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/22/2021 6:55 pm
NY Giants DL David Moa:

On how this summer has gone:

“With the leadership we have in that D line room, guys like Leo (DL Leonard Williams), (DL) Dexter (Lawrence II) and (DL) Danny Shelton, we just got to bring it every day. It was nice to have some of our offseason programs where we could come in and work with the guys and actually get it going. Taking those guys and going underneath them and learning from some of the best.”

On practicing with the Cleveland Browns for a week and then playing with them today:

“It was my first time experiencing something like this and I thought it was awesome going against such a talented offensive line from the Cleveland Browns. To go against them two days before the game, you kind of pick up on each other’s tendencies and try to exploit that today. I’m looking forward to experiencing something like this again next week against New England.”

On getting playing time:

“Coaches are giving us the opportunity to go out there and play. It’s on us to go out there and show them what we can do and try to make the most out of the opportunity.”

On getting the quarterback on the ground:

“That’s a defensive tackles’ goal and dreams, putting pressure on them. It’s not always about getting sacks. It’s getting your hand in his face, trying to disturb his passing motion. You kind of pick up on things like that, where he likes to throw the ball. Leo was the one who taught me little tendencies like that to pick up on.”

On scratching out a spot with all the established veterans:

“I’m not worried about that. Right now it’s just working day by day, learning from guys like that. I’m young in this game and to have people so experienced and so talented, I have a great opportunity to learn.”
Moa Had a Good Game  
OntheRoad : 8/22/2021 8:24 pm : link
Lot of pressure and penetration.
He has a good  
PEEJ : 8/22/2021 8:34 pm : link
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