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Transcript: Tight End Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/25/2021 2:37 pm
Tight End Evan Engram

August 25, 2021

Q: What did you think of the hill?

A: Different, it’s different. I had a hill in pee wee days that we used to run after practice, so that was going down memory lane a little bit, but it was good work.

Q: How did you feel practice went today for the offense?

A: It was good. For us, it’s always, ‘How can it be better?’ I thought we came out here and competed, we can compete more, we’ve got to execute more, we’ve got to get on the film and correct the stuff. We aim for perfection, nothing is ever perfect, but that’s just how we work, that’s how we’ve got to continue to work.

Q: What was it like having (Tight End) Kyle (Rudolph) finally get to get out there and run with you guys?

A: It was good. He’s been working his butt off nonstop just to get out of the building. I know it was good for him to put the pads on, helmet, run around, catch some balls and be involved with the group. He’s been involved off the field and in the meeting rooms, all the x’s and o’s. He’s been great to work with, so just to get him on the field, I know he’s happy about it, it’s good to see him out. He looks really good.

Q: What does he add to that group?

A: Everything, everything. He’s a receiving threat, he’s a blocking threat, he’s really smart in the film room. I learn from him, every meeting he teaches me something and I know it’s the same for the rest of the guys. He literally is going to help us in every aspect of the game and I’m really excited about it.

Q: Do you feel like (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) and the 1’s got into a rhythm today passing the ball?

A: Yeah, we always get going. I think our biggest thing is to start fast. That’s been a big goal for us for the last couple of weeks was starting fast and get it going, that’s been a huge point of emphasis for us. We’ve just got to continue to improve on that and continue getting rhythm and executing more consistently.

Q: Do you think you started fast today?

A: I think we started fast; I think we’ve got to stay fast. I think we started fast and kind of let off on the gas a little bit. That’s us figuring out the mistakes and fixing that and coming out here and correcting those and then continuing to play fast.

Q: You went through something similar that Kyle had experienced, did you compare notes or give any tips on recovery?

A: Yeah, his surgery was a lot later and he had a really quick turnaround. I think my surgery was in December, he had his after he got signed. I think I was able to kind of answer some questions and he had kind of the same recovery. Just with the rehab and keeping up with it, kind of give him some pointers. He’s an older guy, so it kind of feels weird, but he’s bounced back really good, he feels good, so that’s good for him.

Q: When did you feel back at 100 percent?

A: That one was different for me because that was when all the COVID stuff happened, so I had rehab back at home which was good, but it was very different, a lot of obstacles. I had this surgery in December, I didn’t really feel 100 percent until about June or July going into camp. I’m just glad I’m good, I’m glad he’s good too.

Q: When you get some of the injured guys back, how excited will you be for this offense?

A: I’m excited now. I know what those guys are going to bring to the table. The biggest thing for them is to kind of pay attention off the field, stay locked in on what we’re doing so when they get back in, they’re full speed, full force. I have all the excitement about this offense. All of the guys, not just as football players, but the men that we are, how we work, how we try to improve every day. That’s all we’re doing, is working and improving everyday and we’re going to put the best part of it down on the field.

Q: We haven’t seen it much, but how much does this offense provide you an ability to get down field and make plays down the field in the tight end position?

A: I disagree, I think we have a lot of stuff that we’re down the field making plays and that’s kind of how the offense is built. I know there’s plays where I can get loose and win on some fades and win down the seam or win across the field, across the single-high safety. I think there’s plenty of opportunities for us to make plays down the field. It’s just getting on the same page with DJ (Daniel Jones), obviously DJ having to make the right reads and us making the play.
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