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Post-Game Transcript: TE Kaden Smith

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/29/2021 10:45 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Patriots) Transcripts: TE Kaden Smith

August 29, 2021

Q: Take us through that touchdown catch you had. Looked like it was a nice throw, right?

A: Yeah, no, that was perfect placement – over the safety – and I’m just happy I got to make a play on it.

Q: Did you trash talk (Patriots Safety) Adrian (Colbert) after that or no?

A: No, no, no (laughs). I miss my guy. I talked to him a little bit this week at practice, but, no, I didn't get the chance.

Q: You guys are pretty banged up at tight end right now. So what's going through your head when you see (Tight End) Evan (Engram) go down? And you're like the last man standing for guys that were here last year at this point?

A: The big thing is just show up every day. Do what you need to do to get healthy and do what you can for the team and really do your best in contributing in whatever way they need.

Q: I assume you had an opportunity to talk to Evan afterwards. How's he doing?

A: Evan’s doing great. I don't really have a diagnosis or anything, but he has high spirits.

Q: What was your sense of the first two series on offense? I know you guys haven't been out there much in preseason but there was some pressure upfront. What was your sense of what happened the first two series?

A: Yeah, I'm happy everyone got the chance to get out there and really get those first game nerves out of the way. But obviously, a lot of things to fix and we'll watch the film and get to fixing them.

Q: What gives you confidence when you look at this offense? That this unit could be significantly better than last year?

A: Really the way we improve week by week and honestly every practice. We get out there and get in the film, watch that, break it down and really work on what we need to work on and show that we do improve every single day.
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