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Transcript: FB Eli Penny

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/29/2021 11:45 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Patriots) Transcripts: FB Eli Penny

August 29, 2021

Q: So, you’re a ball carrier now? That’s what it looks like it at least. What’s that been like this summer?

A: It definitely feels good just coming back to getting the ball in my hand again, showing what I can do, showing my versatility along with doing fullback stuff and special teams. It just feels good to put the ball in my hands and just really show what I can do. I love showing what I can do.

Q: There's not many teams that have two fullbacks on their roster. What's it like having a partner in the fullback meetings?

A: Yeah, you're right. But like I said before, (Head Coach Joe) Judge, he looks at us as like a football player. So as far as like having a true position, he kind of doesn't look at football like that. He kind of puts people in different situations, different positions and stuff like that. So, me and (Fullback) Cullen (Gillaspia), we talk about it all the time that we don't even like calling ourselves fullbacks because when you think of a fullback, you think of like a meathead type of guy. We like, nah. We like carrying the ball and catching the ball and stuff like that. You know, having him around is good and like I said, we kind of just look at ourselves as football players first.

Q: I know it's a different position, but when a young player like (Tackle) Andrew Thomas, when he struggles on the offense, do you interact with a guy like that? Do you try and pick him up? How's that process go, picking a guy up on your unit?

A: Well yeah, definitely. Especially, when you’ve got somebody like Andrew, a guy with a lot of potential and he's hard on himself. So, it's kind of like, you really don't even have much to really say to him when he gets to the sideline or when we watch film or something. He already knows what he’s got to work on and all that stuff. But just us, the guys being there for him and encouraging him is always good for him, too.

Q: How exciting is it seeing (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley)? It seems like he's getting closer. We saw him running routes out there before the game. Like how excited are you to get him back on the field?

A: Well, anytime you got a player like that that's missing with big play capability on any time he touches the ball, then that's a plus just having them out there. Again, for me, just playing with him for four years now, like I know his energy. I know when to motivate him and I know when to get him going. Just watching him and being back with us on the sideline and him bringing that energy and his competitive spirit to the meeting rooms and stuff like that, it's huge. It's very huge.

Q: The two-minute drive where you guys got on the board, is that important? Especially, for like the first team offense and just for the offense in general to get in?

A: Yeah, definitely because those are the situations we practice throughout practice and we put a big emphasis on that this week. So, just executing that and getting that done, that was big time.

Q: You said Judge sees you as a football player and not necessarily as a fullback. Do you think maybe you're overlooked as a contributor on special teams and what you can do for all these special teams units?

A: I think that's part of the reason why he just says like you guys are football players because as well as I do fullback, I can do running back, and then when I go out on teams, I can cover kicks and protection and all that stuff. I think when he mentions that I think that's what he means by like being a good football player. I think he means like all three phases, especially being able to catch, run, block, play special teams, all that good old stuff.

Q: You got a chance to look at the offense on the field in a game and the season’s now two weeks away. What gives you optimism that this offense is going to be significantly better this year?

A: I feel that we focused in with just this training camp, offseason – we had more time together, and then we really watched film a lot on last year. We really kind of just focused on the little things and the details and just simple stuff with just staying ahead of the chains with our offense, so we can call the plays that we want to call. I think that just seeing what we've done throughout the preseason and training camp, I think that we’ll be a better offense just because we focused on like the little things and the details and stuff like that.

Q: What did you see from (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) tonight? Just how good was it to get on the field with him?

A: I’ve seen a lot of poise. Just comfortable, relaxed, hitting his checkdowns, going through his reads, looking real good, looking mature. He’s looked like that all throughout camp. So yeah, I'm excited for DJ.

Q: How do you think he reacted to the interception and coming back out there after that?

A: I think he reacted like he always does. Once he makes a good play or he makes a bad play, he’s always kind of just like onto the next play. His mental toughness is great. I don't think any moment is too big for him. When he has a good play or a bad play, he just keeps it going.
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