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Transcript: Guard Will Hernandez

Eric from BBI : Admin : 8/31/2021 7:25 pm
Guard Will Hernandez

August 31, 2021

Q: Does it look like very few people after having 90, then 85, then 80 and you just see a smaller group out here? Is it different today?

A: Of course. It’s definitely a big difference, you go from 90 guys to 53. You can definitely tell there's a lot less guys out here. It is different.

Q: That's basically what your team is going to be, right? So, is it kind of the next step to getting to the real thing having the team?

A: Yeah, this is the next step in how this process is.

Q: You guys have two veteran offensive linemen coming via trade in the next 24 hours. What will you tell those guys about what your offensive room is like?

A: I’m going to tell that that they’re going to love this group. We've got a bunch of guys that are going to work hard, and we play for each other and welcome.

Q: Where do you think your group is right now, your starting unit? Where do you think you are right now less than two weeks before the real thing?

A: Just like everybody else, we’ve got work to do. We are never going to be content. We’re never going to say it’s good enough. We’re always looking to improve. We’re always looking to get better, and that’s where we’re at right now. We need to get better. We need to keep improving.

Q: What do you think of (Defensive Lineman) Raymond Johnson (III) standing over there now and just made the team. What did you see from him this summer?

A: I'm very happy for him. This is a dream come true to a lot of guys. It's a big deal. I’m happy for him. I’ve seen a lot of good things, just like the coaches did. There’s a reason why he’s still around.

Q: Did you know (Offensive Lineman) Billy (Price) at all coming out of the draft?

A: Yeah, I met him at the combine. Then, he also worked out with Duke (Manyweather – OL Masterminds), so I got to see him there a little bet. So yeah, I’ve met him before.

Q: You guys aren’t –

A: Yeah, we talked a little bit. We never really got a chance to work out together and do stuff together, but when I met him, he's a great guy, great player. I’m looking forward to having him.

Q: You haven’t talked to him since this trade, have you?

A: No, I haven’t.

Q: When people watch the preseason game, there's a lot of people that come away from that saying, ‘this offensive line it's not going to be good, this is going to be a bad offensive line.’ What do you say to that and what's your reaction when you hear that from people?

A: Is that what they’re saying (smiles)?

Q: That is what they’re saying. I’m not going to lie.

A: That’s fine. Like I said, we are a line of constant improvement. That's our thing. We constantly want to get better. We need to get better quick. But it’s never going to change, we’re always going to want to get better. Even if they would have said we were the best O-Line in the NFL, I would have given you the same response, we need to get better.

Q: Do you guys pay attention to that? Do you use it as motivation? Or do you take the opposite approach, and just say, whatever they want to say, that's fine?

A: It goes back to my same answer. Since we're in that constant state of wanting to get better, it doesn't really make a difference what they say.
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