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Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/1/2021 5:36 pm
Quarterback Daniel Jones

September 1, 2021

Q: How’s it been to have (Wide Receiver) Kenny (Golladay), (Tight End) Kyle (Rudolph) and (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) and all those guys finally back out there at the same time – which I don’t know if you’ve really had in training camp yet?

A: It’s been good. Like we’ve said, they’ve worked so hard to get back and are continuing to work hard with the trainers. It’s been good to have them on the field and I know those guys are ready to work.

Q: Are you going to let them play against the Broncos?

A: I’m not going to do any of that, but that’s up to coaches and trainers.

Q: You spent so much time in training camp working with the same five offensive linemen and now a lot of guys are gone, and new guys are here. How do you build chemistry in eight days that you had in five weeks?

A: It’s just a daily process. You talk about those five guys, and we’ll continue working. The new guys coming in will pick it up and we’ll all be on the same page fast.

Q: I know it was just against air (routes on air) a little bit today, but was there a time when you were out there today that you looked at all of those receivers and said, ‘This is what it was supposed to be like’?

A: Like I said, it’s good to have them out there. Definitely good to have those guys back out there. I know they’re ready to go and looking forward to getting out there. It’s been good.

Q: I know there’s still work to be done before the season starts, but what’s the biggest thing you noticed about the offense with all the receivers?

A: I think just the versatility it gives us. Certain guys in different positions can do a lot of different things. I think it gives us a lot of versatility and it gives us an opportunity to attack defenses a lot of different ways. Each one of them has different skill sets that we can utilize and get the ball to them in space.

Q: I’m curious how you as the quarterback view this offense. What’s the identity of the offense going to be? What do you view it like? What’s the staple of it? Is it a vertical offense, is it a power run offense?

A: I think we can do all those things when we want to. I think versatility. First and foremost, it’s a tough, smart group. I think it starts up front, all those guys are tough, physical football players and from there we can attack a lot of different ways – downhill running the ball, vertically stretching the field and getting the ball in space. I think that’s what we want to be as an offense is first, physical and tough, smart and an offense that’s versatile and can attack a lot of ways.

Q: Do you feel like you know what your team is right now more so than in years past, or is it less because of all the injuries, all the transactions, constant movement? Do you feel less certain of what you guys usually are going into this season than you have in the past?

A: No, I don’t think so. I don’t know if I have a real broad expectation of, ‘this is what we should be.’ I think we’re more focused on what we’re doing day-to-day and executing and preparing, and like I said, we have the ability to do a lot of different things, to attack a lot of different ways. That’s what we’re working on.

Q: One of the additional dimensions that you brought to the offense last year was your running ability. Have they told you keep on running or do they want you to cut back or what?

A: That’s been a part of (Offensive Coordinator) Coach (Jason) Garrett’s system for a long time and we’ll work that stuff in. I think that’s always a part of the system.

Q: But you want to run if it’s there?

A: Whatever I need to do from my position to help and help move the ball.

Q: On days like in minicamp and in training camp, (Tight End) Evan (Engram) is probably one of your favorite targets along with (Wide Receiver Sterling) Shepard. What has your dialogue been with Evan since the injury?

A: I know he’s working hard with the trainers. He’s such a hard-working guy, focused, and is always prepared, so I know he’s attacking his rehab day-to-day with the same effort and focus. We’ll continue to talk and watch film, study, and I know he’s working hard.

Q: Noticed you were in the red jersey all summer. Was it good for you to get some more reps like you got the other night?

A: Yeah, it was good to be back out there on the field and feel the game, feel the pass rush and get hit a couple times. Felt good to be back out there.

Q: It seemed like they were really going for the ball, too. You were able to hold onto it. Obviously, that’s something that’s been a problem in the past. Was that sort of a weird positive to come out of it with?

A: Yeah, always a focus.

Q: How much have you been able to throw to (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney) even when we’re not watching?

A: We’ve been throwing a good bit and feel like we’ve got some good work in. He’s working hard to get back and we’ll continue to work, but we’ve gotten some good time in.
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