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NFT: Converting DirecTV to DirecTV Stream service

gmenrule-va : 9/9/2021 10:53 am
I am very interested in switching from my satellite based service to the streaming service, but it appears I give up all the leverage and recognition I currently receive for being a satellite customer for 25 years.

Have any of you that have converted had any luck with negotations? Appreciate any and all feedback.
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if_i_knew : 9/9/2021 2:13 pm : link
Did this because I am having issues with my HOA as to where the dish will go. (long story short, they will no longer install a dish if they have to get off the ladder, i.e. at the peak where all the others in neighbors' dishes are installed)

Anyway, they Stream treated me as a new customer and gave me a good deal

That being said, I need a dish as I live in MN and Sunday Ticket is not available on Stream. Also, not too thrilled with the remotes that they give you with stream
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