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Parlay Thursday

SgtDog : 9/9/2021 2:03 pm
There is a reason 'The House' is much bigger then 'Your Home'. Bet consistently and eventually you lose. Combine that with the wise statement "Drinks you pay for at the Casino bar are cheaper then the free ones you get on the Casino floor". Now that we all understand that, lets gamble.

3 Game Parlay cause picking one winner a week is tough enough lets pick three go for that 6 to 1 payout.

Week 1 picks are in:

1. PICK RAVENS -4.5 over the Raiders. 2021 Ravens show the world they have an offense

2. PICK GIANTS +3 from the Broncos. The defensive front of Denver will beat up on the turnstile tackles of the Giants Oline but Giants D will show former boss Pat Shurmer his offense is like a Bridge over troubled water

3. PICK RAMS -7.5 over da Bears. Stafford vs Dalton. This show down will result in a pummeling that leaves a black eye and bloody lip on Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy after fans catch him in the parking lot for not starting Justin Fields
Would never  
Giantophile : 9/9/2021 2:26 pm : link
bet it but Giants under feels pretty good. I also like the Pack on the road laying 4 and second the Rams, bought the hook down to 7.
Lurker : 9/9/2021 5:20 pm : link
I took the Bucs at home minus 8 1/2 v. boys, Seahawks minus 2 1/2 at colts and Pats at home minus 2 1/2 v. fins. 6.5 to 1. $50
I literally just made a gambling thread  
Zeke's Alibi : 9/9/2021 5:23 pm : link
Non same game parlays are dumb but if you are going to do them odds wise they only makes sense in the 3 team and 12 team varietys.
Cowbuys plus 8.5  
Reale01 : 9/9/2021 5:35 pm : link
Game feels like one where the "Charity TD" at the end covers the spread.
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