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NFT: DirectTV NFL Sunday Max Ticket Free

Rick in Dallas : 9/9/2021 2:10 pm
Just checked my TV and I am all setup to watch free the NFL Sunday Ticket a year after I told them to cancel my subscription. I didn’t need to do anything. Ready to go!!!!
They just sent me another email earlier today telling me about my free  
Jimmy Googs : 9/9/2021 3:05 pm : link
gift of NFL Ticket Max for the season.

I had already gotten the same email about 6 weeks ago. Maybe just a reminder since the season starts tonight?
I got the email a while back  
Gman11 : 9/9/2021 3:20 pm : link
because I'm such a good customer and they know I like football. I cancelled Sunday Ticket two years ago. It wasn't worth the cost. At $0, I'll take it.
I just got the E-Mail today also.  
MOOPS : 9/9/2021 3:22 pm : link
They seem to be giving it away free to a lot of their customers this year.
I got for free too.  
LS : 9/10/2021 12:43 pm : link
I don't think I've ever had it before. I heard somewhere that this is Directv's last year with Sunday Ticket? If so, sounds like they may be trying to get some favorable customer outcomes before pulling the plug on them next year?
mitch300 : 9/10/2021 2:44 pm : link
Get the email. I called on Tuesday and would not give me the Sunday ticket for free. However, they gave 60 dollars a month off my bill for one year. So, I made out pretty well.
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