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Post-Game Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/12/2021 9:48 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Broncos) Transcripts: WR Sterling Shepard

September 12, 2021

Q: Can you talk about what you saw in the offense today—the inability to keep drives alive?

A: Yeah, I mean, I thought we moved the ball great towards the end. We kind of got off to a shaky start. We’ve got to be able to convert on third downs. I mean, that's something that's bit us in the past and we’ve got to figure out what we got to do to be able to stay on the field. I mean that's huge for our defense, that’s huge for our team.

Q: We know that this offense didn’t score a lot of points last year. You had seven points until the final drive there. How do you not look at this as an extension of kind of what was going on last year in regards to scoring points?

A: It's a new team. We got to figure out a way to be able to put the ball in the end zone and that's the end of the story. Like you said, that's something that's been a problem in the past, but we got to move on from it. We’ve got a short week this week. We’ve got to be able to put that in the past and learn from it and we’ve got to figure it out. We’ve got a big divisional opponent coming up on Thursday.

Q: With (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) looking like he was, I don’t want to say limited, but you could tell he was coming back from an injury and (Wide Receiver) Kenny (Golladay) coming back from an injury, with all your chemistry that you have with (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones), do you feel added pressure personally to kind of carry the offense?

A: No, I thought those guys did great. Kenny came up with some big catches and Saquon, on his first game back, I thought he did well, so those guys will gradually come along even more and, no, I don't feel any extra pressure. I'm going to go out there and do what I have to do every time and I know my guys are going to follow as well.

Q: (Head Coach) Joe (Judge) just said that when you wake up tomorrow it’s already Thursday in this game week. How do you make sure that you guys put this on the side, focus and get ready?

A: I mean we just had to talk about it in the locker room; told everybody has to keep their heads up. We have a short week this week, so you’ve got to in this league, you have to be able to throw things away really quick and move on. If you let it dwell and you keep thinking about it and then you're not able to move on, move past it. So, guys have got to be able to throw it away and we got to move on and I'm sure everybody will do that.

Q: Is that easier said than done? Getting rid of a loss like this so quick?

A: It is and it isn’t. You want to watch film and sometimes you go back and be like, I wish I would have done this better, but you just have to learn from it. And that’s what I've gotten from my years playing is you just learn from some of the things that you did not well one week and correct them. You’ve got to correct things fast in this league.

Q: You guys were obviously excited to play for fans for the first time in a long time. They seemed to be supportive for as long as they could, but they were frustrated. Do you sense that and was there a frustration that you didn't give them everything that they wanted?

A: Yeah, I mean, it's tough. Like Coach Judge said, these people pay their hard earned money to come see winning football. I mean that's what this franchise is all about, is winning. That's what the history has been all about. So it's been frustrating the past few years and I understand the frustration. I mean, we're not happy about it as well. So, we got to dig our cleats in the ground and we’ve got to give the fans what they want. And yeah, it's frustrating. I hate seeing them have to leave the game early. That’s something that I honestly really noticed. I'm locked into the game, but you can't help but see people lined up in the tunnels and it's no fun seeing that.

Q: You said Saquon looks great. What is it that you saw, and I’m know some people are going to differ with that. What did you see that said to you that you can see that he’s his old self?

A: Coming off an injury like that, a lot of the stuff is mental and I didn't sense that he had any mental stuff going on. I felt like he hit the hole hard. He took some hits and that's what I wanted to see and he was able to bounce back up and keep on pushing. So, like I said, he'll gradually keep getting better and better. It’s his first time out there in a long time, so I was just proud to see him out there and I'm really happy to be out there playing with him again.

Q: Do you guys as an offense need a game where you put up 30 (points) to know you can do it? How do you believe you can if you don’t see the results?

A: We’ve just got to do it. I feel like we have it in us and we're capable of it. We’ve just got to practice every week and we’ve got to push and keep getting better. I know we're capable of it, everybody knows we're capable of it. We’ve just got to put it together and do it.

Q: Practice is important, but they always say, with full-speed out there, there’s an adjustment between practice and games…

A: You practice how you play.

Q: Do you buy into that? And do you feel as though that limited preseason games may have caused this team to start off a little slower in spots?

A: We didn't have a preseason last year and teams did well around the league. I don't think that has anything to do with it. I think practice is a very important piece. You hear the saying, you practice how you play and I wholeheartedly believe in that and maybe that's what we need to look at. So, we'll get it corrected.
A question to pose to SS should be: Do you feel your talent is being  
MartyNJ1969 : 9/13/2021 9:16 am : link
wasted because the whole team is poorly coached?

SS is the best player on this team. He has balls and gets what this game is all about in spite of what the coaches are teching. He is overcoming the shittiness of the coaching with his performance. Hats off to him
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