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Post-Game Transcript: DB Logan Ryan

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/12/2021 10:30 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Broncos) Transcripts: DB Logan Ryan

September 12, 2021

Q: [What happened on] the third-downs and fourth-downs, Logan?

A: Yes, it happened at the start of the game, but we'll be all right. We didn't play well on third and fourth down and unfortunately, that extends drives and as you play more defense, bad things happen. We didn't make their defense play enough defense tonight. All the time of possession alone didn't win the game, but credit to them. They made some good catches and made some good plays. [Broncos QB] Teddy Bridgewater, I said it since the Rutgers [University] days, man, it was deja vu. He extends some plays, it’s magical stuff at times, but we expect to be better and we will be. We have to keep playing together. It's Week 1 of the season, right? You want to win it, we wanted to win it really bad for the fans. Obviously, the score got out of hand at the end, but really, it's a couple of third and fourth down stops that determines points. You know, we want to stop them going into halftime. We didn’t and then we didn’t again coming out of halftime. That's really a big momentum swing and football that we want to get better at and that we will be better. I'm confident that if it comes down to the defense and if it comes down to the players on the defense, we'll get it fixed.

Q: Take me through the fumble and also take me through the replay on the field?

A: I'm always punching at the ball. I’m paid to create turnovers. I've been doing it my whole career, riding the waves of interceptions and forced fumbles and I was able to get it out and try to secure it in. It was a tough replay and I thought I got the one out with with Jeudy [Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy] as well. I didn't know where his knee was, hopefully he's okay with his leg and I wish him the best there. That was a tough collision, but you know, you win some and you lose some there. One of them did [go in the Broncos favor] so I'm going to continue to punch the ball out. I'm known for that in the League and I'll continue to try and create turnovers for the team.

Q: Logan, this defense was so good in those situations in terms of getting teams off of the field [last season], are you surprised?

A: It wasn't our standard. I mean, look, we were terrible early last year in a similar way on third and fourth downs. We have to be better, we have be better. Their first game was our first game. I believe their defense probably would have been bad too if they would have played longer, but they didn't. We just have to get off on those fourth downs. They went for it on fourth down a lot; they didn't punt, they didn't kick, they went for it and they made us pay for going for it. Extended plays, the pass-rush needs to be better and in the secondary, I mean, we have to be much better at what we do and I'm confident we can have that fixed and it's a different game if we get that, but credit to them.

Q: Why do you say that about their defense? Just because of early season defensive struggles?

A: Yes; early season football. You have to make guys pay. I don't think they were covering Shepard [Giants WR Sterling Shepard] too well. We just have to get our offense more touches on the ball more. I think our offense was moving the ball pretty well today and I just felt bad that we didn't get them a chance to play a lot. I think we got some explosive playmakers on the offense. I think they did a good job today. I just think this falls on the defense of not giving our offense enough touches. Like I said, put it on my back, put it on our back on the defensive side. That's how I prefer it. I'm confident that we can get it fixed, but it's a journey and it's a process. We need to make a jump to Week 2. I think the biggest jumps you make as a team is from Week 1 to Week 2. We have to watch the film and see how quickly we can improve in a short week.

Q: The fans hadn't seen a game here in almost two years, but disappointing to see them leaving early?

A: I mean, if the game's out of control, beat the traffic. Hopefully, it's not like that. That's not what we want. We want to play great defense, and we will. It just didn't happen today because of certain situations and certain plays. Those plays bounce a different way, it's different game, so I loved the energy today. The fans were amazing. They had it rocking. That was a lot of fun. They had me playing as the Energizer bunny today. We just have to be a little more detailed in our work. I think we will be.

Q: Was it just the cramps that sent you off there for a little bit?

A: Yes, some cramping. I was able to get back on, but I had some cramping there for sure.

Q: [What is] the challenge of the short week? Not just the short week, but it's a short week early on here in the season?

A: We get to play some football again. It's honestly a positive after a loss. You have to play quicker and we're excited for it. We have to monitor the [Washington Football Team] QB situation. Obviously, I heard about Ryan Fitzpatrick. I wish him the best, but we have work to do. We have work to do, but listen, man, this team is together, you don't have to worry about that. Unfortunately, we've been here before, but it’s just one week in a season. It really doesn't define you. What we do this next game is going to be more of a defining factor in how we respond. I encourage everyone to tune in, be excited and put work in. I won't see my wife and kids as much as I want to this week. We have put it in [the work] on a short week, but she'll understand.
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