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Monday Transcript: Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/13/2021 6:21 pm
Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay

September 13, 2021

Q: You were one of the guys that kind of warned us a little bit that this was going to take some time to get the offense going and cohesive. I was wondering where you thought it was in terms of what your expectations were heading into the first game…

A: I feel like we did a lot of good things. We fell short a few times, but I feel like the big plays that we did make, they really can show you what this offense can really do.

Q: What did you like about the couple of plays that you made and what did that show you about working with (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones)? You haven’t really had the chance to be on the field in a competitive environment like that.

A: Well first off, I would just like to say I had a lot of fun. That was the first time me being out there on the field, period, in a long time. It was just great catching balls from him. Especially just trying to do whatever I can to make a play for the team. That was my whole mindset going out there and that’s my whole mindset going into any game. It’s just pretty much just trying to make a play.

Q: You played 52 snaps, like 85% of the snaps on offense. Was that a good workload for you coming off the hamstring? How did you come out of it with this short turnaround with a soft tissue thing like that, is it going to be difficult for you to be back up to speed for Thursday?

A: I’ll be good, we have time. Definitely going to have to take care of my body with the short week, but yeah, I’ll be ready to go for sure.

Q: You came out of it okay? Did you feel it during the game or anything?

A: For sure tired and everything, but at the same time, it’s football at the end of the day. When you’re out there having fun, you don’t even feel it. But as far as me coming out of the game, I came out good.

Q: How did you feel at the beginning of the game compared to at the end? I know you mentioned you hadn’t been on the field for a while and as we talked about, you had a few of those catches from Daniel and it seemed like you were getting into a groove by the fourth quarter.

A: I really went out there at the beginning of the game – whenever my number is called, I just wanted to make the play. I think I caught one across the middle, it was either first or second quarter. Really just trying to let the game come to me and not trying to do too much, not trying to do more than what I’m asked to do.

Q: How do you feel about that chemistry you’re building with Daniel now that you’ve come out of this game and experience with him?

A: We’ve just got to build from here and I feel like we’ll do that. Like I said, we got practice that will help us with that. Then just being able to get those balls from him in the game, that was good because then you can just see a little bit of what I can do. Just to help him and just help the team.

Q: You’re a guy that wins the contested catches. Is it important for the quarterback to learn in a game that he can trust you on those types of passes in traffic? Does the quarterback benefit from learning that if he throws the ball into coverage, Kenny is going to catch it so that he will do it next time like, ‘hey I can throw this ball into coverage and Kenny will catch it’?

A: I wouldn’t just say he can have the mindset of, ‘letting me throw it into coverage.’ But in this league, there’s going to be tight coverage. I’m just glad I was able to make those plays because everything isn’t going to be just wide open. I do want him to have that trust in me and I know that’s going to take time.

Q: You mentioned earlier what this offense can be and what I’m sure you hope it will be. What do you envision when you think about this offense of what it’s going to be in several weeks or down the line when you are at full go? How close do you think you are to it right now?

A: First off, like I’ve been saying, this is Week 1 and guys are really just now starting to get back out there. I think we can be explosive, just pretty much what everybody else thinks. When you just look at it, you have a lot of guys that are on this offense that (have) made a lot of big plays, but at the same time we just have to put the work in. Yesterday was pretty much a day for us to continue to just grow. To be honest, the sky is the limit for us as long as we put the work in.

Q: Can you be explosive this Thursday? Are you guys ready to do that here in Week 2?

A: I’m sure – I can speak for everyone in we try to go into every game trying to be explosive. We want to make those explosive plays. Of course, I’m going to say I want myself and the rest of the guys on the offense to come in with just that mindset and just dominate and have explosive plays.

Q: Do you think the rest of the offense has the same kind of confidence that you do?

A: Definitely.

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