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FedEx Field parking

dslayton86 : 9/14/2021 10:19 am
I am an idiot who is going to go to that dump on Thursday to watch our dump play.

Coming from Delaware and planning on getting to the stadium by 6pm or so just to be safe. I don't care about tailgating at all. It looks like best advice I am seeing.. is to park farther away from the stadium due to 1. Cheaper 2. Easier to get out after the game. If so, where would be that? Jericho Church perhaps?

It is $60 for a parking pass and I'd rather save $20 or so if it means a longer walk and more pain-free exit from the complex. Thought about parking at a metro station and metro-ing in but it sounds like that isn't worth the hassle.

Any advice would be great, thanks. Anyone else making the trek?
In my limited experience  
Go Giants : 9/14/2021 10:24 am : link
There is no good solution to that issue. Sorry. Also be wary. The drunkenness at fedex is out of control and there are many who will be looking for a fight. Literally.

Good luck and let us know how it works out!
i usually get a purple pass for whatever reason  
mattlawson : 9/14/2021 10:45 am : link
things tend to work out fine. also never had a major issue with fights... one guy in front of me did go apeshit once at me and the kid next to me (like 8 years old) but we just looked at him, didnt respond, and he sheepishly turned around and didnt say anything to us afterwards.

I actually find the fans to be pretty cool for giants games.
26.2 : 9/14/2021 11:07 am : link
I've never seen a game there where there wasn't a fight in the upper decks. I think they actually curtailed the amount of time fans can tailgate outside.

It hasn't happened every time, but I've definitely been told that due to my jersey that I'm really close to getting my ass kicked. Usually at the end of the game. Usually its one jerkoff with all of his jerkoff friends. I just ignore and walk away.

Regarding the parking situation - I've had nothing but miserable experiences driving in and out of that place. I don't bother to go anymore. I've turned down free tickets multiple times.
Mdgiantsfan : 9/14/2021 11:18 am : link
I live about 25 minutes away from the stadium, and as much I love going to see Big Blue I don’t like going to that stadium. Nevertheless I’ve been quite a few times. I’ve parked in the Fedex lots around the stadium but I typically choose to save the money and use one of the 3rd party lots around the stadium which I’m usually off of Brightseat Rd. It’s not too bad getting out of there and I’ve never had issues with the WTF fans.
I only attended one game there years ago when Eli was QB  
GiantBlue : 9/14/2021 11:22 am : link
It was the last game of the season and we needed to win and another team to lose to make the playoffs.

We were handily beating them but the other team we needed was in a seesaw match with their opponent. They kept showing the other teams scoring plays to the delight of the Washington fans which made them rowdier and more obnoxious.

The team we needed to have lose ended up winning.

Even though we ended up winning, the crowd was jeering us as we left because we didn't make the playoffs.

There were fights outside all the way out to where we parked about a 1/2 mile away. It was miserable and a bit scary because fans were running around trying to start fights or shouting insults or throwing things.

I went with my boss, his son and another older friend. It was worse than going to an Eagles game in Philly.

The stadium is old, the parking is atrocious and the fans that night were nothing short of hooligans.

Good Luck! I will never go back there.
26.2 : 9/14/2021 12:50 pm : link
I believe that was the GB-CHI game in 2011. I remember because I was in Rio and one of the folks I was with was a Packers fan. I think we even had a 10 win season that year too.

Was all good because we won it all the following year.
The parking might be worse for a Thursday.  
cuty suzuki : 9/14/2021 1:17 pm : link
I have parked in an industrial park with shuttle buses to the gates. Those lots might be closed on a Thursday because industry is going on on a weekday. That would increase the crowding in the other lots.
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