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Lake of Pace and Aggression

Rafflee : 9/14/2021 11:45 am
I'm surprised at the space in the d-backfield--- I'd want to force Bridgewater to throw OVER me. However, I was impressed with the Performance by Teddy....he escaped and created well.

Offense--- they allow the opposition to sit and catch very comfortably. Very few plays were uncomfortable or threatening.

Jones: Very Little Vertical, and very little planned or optional use of his legs. Take off the Bubble Wrap and let's see him play and succeed/play and fail. The Runs:::: A QB should run on Opportunity---and when the opportunity is done, GET DOWN!!!!! Jones looked Bad...and at least two drives were exploded by Missing assignment/missing snap count.

Joe Judge---Your team was not ready to play. I like Judge, but that's much as it is surprising.
Lake, indeed.  
81_Great_Dane : 9/14/2021 11:47 am : link
I'm drowning in my own negativity.
Saving the offensive aggression...  
Mdgiantsfan : 9/14/2021 12:32 pm : link
...they were saving it all for this Thursday least that is what I hope:)
Sounds like an indie movie  
PakistanPete : 9/14/2021 12:48 pm : link
OK, it's in Canada  
David B. : 9/14/2021 1:03 pm : link
I honeymooned  
cjac : 9/14/2021 1:05 pm : link
At the Lake of Pace, my 25th anniversary we went to Lake Agression
RE: Sounds like an indie movie  
Nick in LA : 9/14/2021 3:05 pm : link
In comment 15366325 PakistanPete said:

Ok this comment got me hahaha
Sounds like a Springsteen song title  
Reale01 : 9/14/2021 4:42 pm : link
Its old and its deep
In its cold memories keep
Show a little faith and a little fight
Do your duty and it'll be right
And that's all right with me.
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