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Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/14/2021 5:51 pm
Quarterback Daniel Jones

Q: What kind of challenge do you face when you go against a team with (Washington Defensive End) Chase Young and (Washington Defensive End) Montez Sweat out there?

A: They're a good defense. It definitely starts up front like you said. They've got those two guys and a lot of guys who can get after the passers and disrupt a game with their pass rush. We've got to do a good job getting the ball out on time and protecting, making sure we're on the same page and communicating well. They're certainly a good front and we'll be ready for it.

Q: You've had success against them. Is there something that you're able to see when you play them?

A: I don't know, not necessarily. I think every year is different, every team is different, every game is different, so we'll prepare for this one individually of the others, but I think we'll have a good game plan going in.

Q: On Sunday, Chase Young in particular did not have the kind of game he expected to have in terms of getting pressure on (Chargers Quarterback Justin) Herbert. What do you expect from him Thursday?

A: He's a good player, he's proven that. Like I said, we'll be ready for him. I thought Herbert did a good job getting the ball out on time and making reads and being decisive there, so that's the challenge. We'll protect well and then understand where we are as far as communication, getting on the same page and then me getting the ball out of my hands.

Q: When you're watching film, obviously you're watching defense. How much do you pay attention when the opposing quarterback does some things well against that defense? Obviously, you're not going to change your style, but do you say, 'Oh, maybe I've got to focus on trying to do that, it worked for that guy'?

A: I think there are definitely things that you can pick up from watching other guys play and you can kind of see their game plan and their mindset going into games. We have a different system, different plays, different players, but there's definitely things you can learn there. I think he (Justin Herbert) did a good job getting the ball out of his hands.

Q: You've had a lot of success against Washington, you're 4-0 against them. Is there a common thread that's running through what you've been able to do against them?

A: I don't think so. I think each game is different and each team is different from year to year, so we'll prepare for this one and be ready to play Thursday.

Q: You guys have started 0-2 each year the first two years. You've seen how hard it is to dig out of those early holes. How important does that make this game for you to avoid that?

A: It's certainly big. Every game is big. We've got to do a good job coming back, learning from the things that happened on Sunday and making sure we correct them and move forward. We treat it one week at a time and focus our full efforts on Washington and getting a win this week.

Q: You guys seem to have all the weapons, but you're not putting up the points. Do you have to do it to make yourselves or to just believe you can do it?

A: I think we all believe we can do it. We've got to execute and be more consistent with it. I think situationally we've got to be better in certain areas and convert some more opportunities. I think we believe we can do it and we know we can, so it's about going out there and executing.

Q: When you went back and looked at the film, what did you see on the fumble? Was there anything that you look at and say, 'I could've done this, I could've done that'?

A: Just securing the ball better and making sure I'm keeping it tight and keeping it tight to my body throughout the play even before contact, so it's in a good spot. I can definitely be better there.

Q: What do you say to the idea that people are like, 'It's year three and we're talking about the same things, the fumble, why does this keep happening?' What's your response to that?

A: I think each situation is separate from the other and I've got to learn from each one of them and correct them. That's the way I'm looking at it and I've certainly studied this one from Sunday and trying to work on it.

Q: How frustrating is it for you that ball security, just in terms of fumbles, continues to be an issue?

A: It's certainly frustrating. Those are big plays and certainly changed the game, so I've got to do better.

Q: How fine of a line is it knowing when to slide and when to go headfirst?

A: There are certain situations where you can probably do both, but I think there's also something to learn from that on Sunday and making those decisions.

Q: If you had the chance to do it over would you slide in that spot or are you still okay with diving and just protecting it better in your mind?

A: I think certainly protecting it better, but watching the film, (I) definitely could've slid also. Might have been smart.

Q: What does it do to your mindset when a defense is basically designed to not let you make explosive plays down the field? I know that was something that Denver did and (Head Coach) Joe (Judge) says Washington does. How do you approach that?

A: I think understanding that. I think you never want to assume anything. Just because they're designed that way, there are still ways to create explosive plays and making sure you're seeing it and confirming it after the snap, so I think that's a big piece of it. I think a big way to create explosive plays is doing what you're supposed to, getting the ball where it's supposed to be and guys breaking tackles and extending plays, so we've got to do a good job with that.

Q: After you hit (Wide Receiver Darius) Slayton for that deep pass on the first drive, the next play call was a jet sweep to (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney). I know that's early in the game, and you have a script. Do you have a second play call in your helmet you can check to there or early on are you running what you guys talked about?

A: There are certain plays through the game that we can check and try to get in certain looks, and make sure we're in a good look for what we want to run, but those are different plays here and there. I've got to do a good job seeing it and making sure we're good to go.

Q: Do you need to block out things that are coming from outside or do you think you're kind of wired as the way you are, with nothing really bothering you from outside?

A: I mean, I certainly don't seek it out. I don't pay attention to much of it, but part of the job is being able to handle it and I think I certainly can. I'm not sure it affects my day-to-day preparation or how I go into a game.

Q: Does it make a difference that it's a national game, a little bit more pressure, a little bit more discussion just about you in particular and how important this season is?

A: Not particularly. I think every game is a big game, especially these divisional games, so we'll be ready to go.
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