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Transcript: Cornerback James Bradberry

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/14/2021 5:53 pm
Cornerback James Bradberry

Q: Do you focus entirely on the receivers or do you look at the quarterback too when you're getting ready for this game?

A: I look at both.

Q: What do you see from (Washington Quarterback Taylor) Heinicke?

A: I see a gunslinger, a guy who's not afraid to take chances. He trusts his receivers. That's pretty much the big thing, he takes a lot of chances.

Q: What does that mean for the defense? That means there's opportunities there for turnovers, right?

A: There's definitely more opportunities with the more chances you get.

Q: How disappointing is it to be a defense that had such a good year and a good step forward last season and to start the way you guys did against Denver?

A: We could definitely have a better start. We've just got to keep building, correct our mistakes from the last game and try to improve this week.

Q: How do you think you played?

A: I played alright. I didn't play my best.

Q: What do you think could improve?

A: Just my overall coverage could improve.

Q: When (Safety) Jabrill (Peppers) is not on the field, is the emotion of your defense different, is the feel of your defense different? He's loud, he's a lot of energy. Is it a different dynamic when he's not out there with you guys?

A: Honestly, it's hard for me to tell every play if he's in or not because I'm on the outside and if they rush the line I'm already outside, so I'm not too much worried about what's going on in the interior. But I will say having Peppers on the field, he does add a physicalness to our defense because I feel like he's our enforcer, so definitely adds a different element to the defense when he's on the field.

Q: You were teammates with Taylor Heinicke. What do you remember about that year? What's your scouting report on him?

A: I just remember him being a gunslinger, willing to take chances, trusting his receivers and giving them opportunities to make plays.

Q: Anything specific? He was probably running scout team then against you as a first team cornerback?

A: I believe so. It was him and (Washington Quarterback) Kyle (Allen), they were both back and forth.

Q: As a virtual unknown, did he like to test the best guy on the team?

A: Typically, on scout team and stuff, I would always be on the number one receiver, so I think they told the quarterbacks to target more often because I was going against – the number one target is typically going to get all the targets. I would say they came after me quite a bit.

Q: Did you watch that playoff game last year when he came in against Tampa Bay and kind of led them back, and everybody was talking about, 'Who's Taylor Heinicke?' Do you remember watching that game?

A: I didn't watch the full game, but I do remember that game. Like I said, he's a gunslinger, that's what he's known for, coming in and making plays.

Q: One of the things that was kind of obvious was there was a lot of wide-open receivers. Is that a miscommunication thing – you're blowing coverages – or what's going on in that situation?

A: I think a couple of them were miscommunications, the ones I remember. I just remember the one with (Broncos Wide Receiver) KJ Hamler down the field, that was a miscommunication.

Q: There were a lot of high expectations for the secondary coming into this game. I don't know that any unit on the Giants would say they played up to expectations in Week 1. As one of the leaders of the secondary, did you take that performance hard?

A: It definitely wasn't up to our standard. We're looking to improve this week and hopefully have a bounce back week.

Q: Were you surprised how much they came at you?

A: No. It's the NFL, you've got to be ready to have a target coming your way at any point throughout the game, so I wasn't surprised.

Q: Is it nice that you get to get back on the field and have another game and just move forward in such a short period of time after that?

A: Yeah, definitely. I didn't feel like I played well last game, so the quicker I can get to the next game the better.

Q: How important do you think it is to get to 1-1 rather than sit at 0-2 for the extra ten days or whatever it is until the third game?

A: A win is definitely better than a loss, especially going into some off time. You want to feel good going into that off time building momentum into the next week, so a win would be crucial for us.

Q: Why do you think you didn't play well? You just said you specifically didn't play well.

A: I thought I could play better in my all-around coverage.

Q: Anything to it? Just an off game or did they do different things? You're a film junkie, did they do different things than you saw on film? Was your technique off? Why do you think you didn't play up to your standard?

A: Some plays it was my technique, some plays I might've been thinking too much. They ran something different than I might've studied. Sometimes you just have a bad play.

Q: How much did (Broncos Quarterback) Teddy (Bridgewater) extending the plays hurt you guys?

A: I think it hurt us quite a bit. A couple of those plays when we missed opportunities where we thought we had him, but he came out and made a heck of a play. He definitely helped those guys out quite a bit, scrambling around and giving them extra time to run around and make catches.
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