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NGT: JV heads to Norfolk…

Brown_Hornet : 9/14/2021 7:08 pm
…and shows out.
Our 16 beat their 40. 18-12 Ballin’!
This is a nice bus ride home.

Varsity on Friday nite.
Hudl will be my Wednesday nite (Monday-Wednesday)…Giants on Thursday.

I love this game.

Go Titans!
Go Giants!
congratulations BH!  
Dinger : 9/14/2021 9:15 pm : link
Good luck to your Titans on Friday!
Good luck to our Giants Thursday(think the Giants need it more!)!
Thanks Dinger…  
Brown_Hornet : 9/14/2021 11:24 pm : link
… The varsity team’s last game resulted in five interceptions…two to the house, one blocked punt, taken to the house and three offensive touchdowns (with a freshman QB making his first start due to injury) against a likely playoff team.

Friday should be exciting.
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