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Post-Game Transcript: QB Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/17/2021 8:47 am
QB Daniel Jones

On if he agrees with the play calling on the final drive:
“Yeah, those are situations where you need to run the ball to make sure the clock goes. They were some of our best runs, so I certainly agree, and we’ve got to execute better.”

On what he saw on the final third down:
“Man-to-man coverage, trapped up with someone underneath and we’ve got to give Shep [WR Sterling Shepard] a better ball.”

On if he was okay with throwing that last pass short of the sticks:
“Yeah, catch and run or catch and break a tackle, but yeah I’m alright with that.”

On what happened when WR Kenny Golladay was yelling at him on the sideline:
“I think he was frustrated with the situation, but I don’t think it was to me or anyone in particular. We’re all good. I love Kenny, I thought he played hard and did a lot of good things out there.”

On what situation Golladay was upset about:
“Just plays. I’ve got to do a better job of finding him in some places and we’ll work through it.”

On what Golladay was yelling about:
“He was just frustrated. Frustrated with the situation and we’ll be better from it.”

On if part of the conversation was about Golladay wanting to get the ball more:
“Yeah, I think that is part of it. You certainly want the receivers that want the ball, so we’ll keep working through that.”

On if he is okay with his receivers talking to him on the sideline publicly about wanting the ball:
“I think there are lots of ways to communicate and we’ll work through it. I think there are a lot of emotions to the game and I certainly understand that. Me and Kenny have a great relationship and I know we can communicate and do what we need to do there. I appreciate his passion and emotion.”

On if it bothers him that one of his teammates was trying to show him up on the sideline:
“I will say again, he wasn’t showing me up individually. It is part of the game. He is emotional, wants to win and we all do. I respect that.”

On if he talked to Golladay after the game:
“Yeah, we talked and everything is good. Like I said, me and Kenny have a great relationship and I’m excited to get back to work.”

On how the team can bounce back from a loss like this:
“I think it’s certainly disappointing and like you said, it hurts. We’ve got to get past that and get to work and put our heads back down and focus on what we need to do to improve as a team and make sure that we’re in a better position to win games. It is going to hurt and that is part of it, but eventually we’ll need to move on and get going moving forward as a team.”
On what it was like seeing OL Nick Gates go down with an injury:
“It was hard. He is a guy that works his tail off every day and someone everyone looks to, to be a leader. It hurts to see him go down like that. I’m certainly praying for him and wishing for the best.”

On if he was watching the ball or if he saw the flag on the missed field goal:
“Yeah, I saw the flag.”
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