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Post-Game Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/17/2021 8:49 am
WR Sterling Shepard

On if this loss was one of the hardest he has ever had to digest:
“Yeah, it’s a pretty tough one. You give it your all, you fight and it comes down to the tail end. See that first one miss and you see those flags, not a fun feeling at all. But we gotta get back in there, we gotta go to work and that’s the bottom line.”

On what he saw on the third down pass to him on their last drive:
“It was a look that Daniel had to put on my back shoulder. I feel like I come up with those catches. Something I pride myself on is making hard catches. So, if I would have gotten the first, who knows, but I gotta make those plays.”

On if he wishes the team was more aggressive on that third down:
“No, we’re going to run what is called. I have total faith in JG [offensive coordinator Jason Garrett] and whatever he calls, I have faith in my guys that we’re gonna make it work. I’m happy with the way the game was called and it comes down to execution.”

On how he explains the lack of discipline with penalties tonight:
“Yeah, I mean we’ve got to get in the film room, we’ve got to go to work in practice and that’s what it comes down to. Everybody in the league is good, everybody is talented and has talented players. It comes down to the small details and obviously we didn’t get those done today and it’s something that we’ve got to go back to the drawing board and get corrected. You’ve got to fix things fast in this league. If you don’t then you will get exposed.

On what happened between WR Kenny Golladay and QB Daniel Jones on the sideline:
“I think you guys have that all mixed up. Kenny was just heated at the situation. We needed some big plays and he was heated at the situation. We all love each other. That’s what happens in this game, your emotions get into it and you say what you’ve got to say and you move on. We all love each other, we dap it up at the end of the day, give each other a hug and keep on pushing. That is the way that stuff goes.”

On what he means by the situation:
“Just how the game was going. The flow of the game. Stuff happens.”

On how he felt QB Daniel Jones played tonight:
“I love the way he played. I feel like he made some good runs, made good decisions with the ball, was putting the ball on the money. Everything you could ask of him he did it tonight. He took care of the ball.”

On what he says to DT Dexter Lawrence after the offsides at the end of the game:
“It’s not on one person. We could go back to the beginning of the game and point out someone else. It’s a collective effort. We’ve got to execute early on. I feel like we came out, drove the ball great and I know the defense wish they had some situations back. You can’t just pinpoint it on one thing. It is an accumulation of a lot of small errors.”
Shep has really taken his game up  
Jim in Forest Hills : 9/17/2021 8:53 am : link
I've been down on him since the extension but he is making me eat my thoughts. Really happy with his performance to date.
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