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Friday Transcript: Wide Receiver Darius Slayton

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/17/2021 5:50 pm
Wide Receiver Darius Slayton

Q: Can you take us through what happened on the play in the end zone when you dropped that pass? What was going through your head in that moment?

A: Tried to run it down, probably should have dove. Didn't quite make the play.

Q: How much is that a play you expect to make and what were your feelings afterwards? How did you handle that last night?

A: It's a play that I 100 percent expect to make. Like I said, (I) tried to run it down, I should have ran it down. I've ran down a lot of balls in my life. At the end of the day, it's a four-quarter game and the game was far from over at that point. Had to move on quick and today is a new day, next week is a new week. Move on quick and make it back in the future.

Q: I sense a lot of frustration from your wide receiver room. We saw last night (Wide Receiver) Kenny (Golladay) expressing himself on the sideline and (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney) didn't get any touches. What is the mood in the wide receiver room?

A: The mood is fine. During games, we're all highly competitive people and games are a high intensity, high emotional environment. At the end of the day, we're all out there trying to win. It's nothing but passion for the game, there's no ill will towards anybody in the room or ill will amongst us and the coaching staff. We're just all out there trying to win. Like I said, it's a high emotion, high intensity environment.

Q: (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) has had a better stat game especially in his rookie year, but you have played with him for the past two years. What was he doing differently last night? Did it feel like he made more tight window throws than normal? What did you think of Daniel's play relative to where he has been struggling for a while?

A: I think he played a great game. I think he made all the throws he needed to make to win the game. Like you already said, I could have helped him out making a play for him. Probably gives us a good chance to win the game. That's who we believe he is. We believe that he is that guy that's going to go out there, make the throws, make the plays to win the games and that's what he showed last night.

Q: After last season with a lot of expectations and now the fans are looking at this team saying, 'Here we go again.' How do you as players feel about that?

A: I don't know. For us, win, lose or draw, (Head) Coach (Joe) Judge always says we're going to go back to work on Wednesday. Obviously, we didn't go out there and get the job done yesterday night, but at the end of the day it's up to us to go back to the drawing board and get to work Wednesday and focus on winning the next game. That's it.

Q: Do you guys think you have a good team?

A: Of course, of course. Like I said, with myself and just a host of things, we lost the game by one point. If we went out there and got 50 pieced, then we can probably sit up here and have a different conversation. I think we showed that we played hard, we competed and that we're just a couple plays away from winning that game. I think that's the team going down the stretch that we'll be in and we'll make those plays to win.

Q: How would you describe the mood of the team? How would describe where you guys are at as a team at 0-2 right now after that loss?

A: Obviously I think anytime you lose you're disappointed, but I would definitely say we're hungry. We want to win. We're going to fight hard to win, and I know that we're going to continue to fight hard to win. Like I said, obviously disappointed, but hungry for sure. Nobody has lost any steam, nobody has lost any level of focus. It's two games, it's a long season.

Q: I assume you would say that same thing when you were 0-2 last year or 0-2 your rookie year. Does it feel any different this year? Why will it not take until 1-7 to turn it around like last year?

A: I think just the state of our team is different. I think where Coach Judge has us, where our coaches have us, they have us in a good place as a team. I think the players, like I said, nobody in the locker has lost any steam, lost any desire or hunger. I think ultimately, things in life don't always show immediate return, but I definitely think that going forward, that stuff will start to show up in wins, and games, and us getting the job done going forward.
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