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Transcript: Safety Jabrill Peppers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/24/2021 4:45 pm
Safety Jabrill Peppers

Q: What do you think of (Falcons Tight End Kyle) Pitts?

A: I think he's a great tight end. A good receiving target, big body, great catch radius. Someone you've got to be very wary of.

Q: People have described him as a very unique type player in terms of tight ends. Does he remind you of anyone you've seen or played against?

A: Not that I could remember, no.

Q: Why do you think this defense isn't playing at the level I'm sure you guys want to?

A: Every week is about improving. We know the standard. We know what we have to do to get there. It's just all about putting it forth on Sunday.

Q: How tough is an offense with a really good pass catching tight end versus one that doesn't have that threat?

A: A big body tight end? It's always good for an offense. (The) quarterbacks' security blanket, a big target in the red zone, things of that nature.

Q: Does constant losing wear on a team's mentality?

A: Mentality is always the same. Get better, improve each and every day. Be better the next week than you (were) the last.

Q: We talked to you after the first game, and you said there were some things that you could improve and also wanted to get on the field more. How did you feel you played against Washington personally?

A: When I start making more impact plays, that's when I'll think I'm playing some good ball.

Q: You certainly played a lot more snaps against Washington than you did in Week 1 and it was (Safety Xavier) McKinney who was the guy that didn't play a lot. Do you guys expect that is going to be game plan specific, which of you (Safety) Logan (Ryan) and Xavier is the guy that plays the least?

A: Everything is game plan oriented, so whatever the game plan is that week, that's how we approach it.

Q: Are there ways that the three of you can be on the field for a lot of snaps and not just in packages?

A: I believe so, but everything is game plan specific. Whatever we're asked to do, that's what we have to do to the best of our ability.

Q: How big is it for this team not to be in that 0-3 hole? That's a pretty deep hole to be in initially.

A: All we're worried about is going out there and playing good football.

Q: Does a quarterback's immobility – like (Falcons Quarterback Matt) Ryan isn't much of a runner – does that give you guys some advantages in how you can attack an offense?

A: Each quarterback poses different threats. We're going to try to do what works well for us and I know he's going to try to come out and do what works well for him.

Q: When you play somebody like Matt Ryan who's probably seen everything there is to see, are there any ways to trick him or do you just have to play it straight up? I imagine there's not a lot he hasn't seen in his career.

A: We'll see Sunday.

Q: Do you see (Quarterback) Daniel Jones as the kind of quarterback who, when your guys' backs are against the wall this week – I know it's a team game – who can carry you guys and lift you to a much needed win?

A: Absolutely. Daniel has all of our belief, the coaches' belief. We see it every day out here in practice. It's just about going out there and putting it forth on Sundays.

Q: What has been the mood of the defense this week considering how poorly you guys played down the stretch last week?

A: Like I said, every week the goal is to get better. Be better than you were last week. That's the mindset.

Q: How much does this pass rush need to get more sacks? I know pressures are one thing, but a pressure on second-and-two just leaves it at third-and-two, but a sack could make it third-and-nine and make it a lot more difficult. How badly do you guys just need to finish some of these hits on the quarterback?

A: Like I said, every week the goal is to get better and be better than you were last week.
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