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Post-Game Transcript: CB Adoree’ Jackson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/26/2021 7:46 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Falcons) Transcripts: CB Adoree’ Jackson

Q: Adoree’, can you take us through what happened there in the end zone?

A: I just dropped it [the pass]. I misjudged the ball by jumping and I ended up just dropping the ball. That’s the only explanation. I wanted to make the play, but I just didn’t come down with it.

Q: Tell us, what was going through your head in that moment when it happened?

A: I was real pissed. I couldn’t get the team out of that situation where we get the ball back [on offense] and then you don’t know what happens when we’re up by seven and things could’ve gone a different way. Dropping it [the ball] and missing that play, I was pissed at myself, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to just keep going back out there and battling.

Q: Do you think they [the Falcons offense] made it look a little too easy on the drives that tied the ballgame up and then on the game-winning field goal?

A: I just feel like they out-executed us in that situations and that’s one of the things where we have to look at the film, correct it and just get better. We have to bet on ourselves and double-down knowing that games come down to third-down, two-minutes and red zones and just try to correct it and get better.

Q: What keeps happening at the end of halves and at the end of games in two-minute drills? For three weeks in a row, it seems like you’re playing pretty decent defense and then in those two-minute drills is where everything collapses.

A: I mean, I credit Azeez [Giants LB Azeez Ojulari] for getting the sack and the turnover on the two-minute drill in the first half and then the second one, we just didn’t execute and that’s point-blank period. There’s no excuses or no anything; we just have to go out there and finish games and execute.

Q: This has happened now two straight weeks, is this defense overrated?

A: Overrated? We just need to go out there and fix it. If you want to call us overrated, you can. I’m going to worry about the locker room and just stay with each other, stick with each other, keep building and keep growing and understanding it’s September; we have 14, 15 games left to play. We will figure it out and get it together. Our heads are not down and we’re not wavering or thinking about anything on the outside. We’re just trying to get ourselves together and keep going in and competing.

Q: From a secondary standpoint, how do you fix this defense?

A: For us, it starts when we get back to work tomorrow watching film or whenever practice starts. We just have to go out there and compete. We made some great plays on the ball and some we just didn’t execute and make the plays that we needed to. We’re just going to try and be consistent throughout the week and go out there throughout the game and be consistent and keep working.

Q: Adoree’, you guys lost Blake [Giants LB Blake Martinez] early in the game. Is there an adjustment for the whole defensive unit when you lose him out there so early on in the game?

A: For us, it’s just the ‘next-man-up mentality’ and understand that things happen throughout the course of the game or throughout the course of the week and understand that you just have to go out there and play and compete. Having him down, we surely missed him, but we’re going to have to go out there and play for him and make him proud. Obviously, we didn’t do that today.

Q: Adoree’, on a lighter note, what’s the penalty that you will have to face for dropping the interception in the DB room?

A: I know they are going to give me hell. Whatever the penalty is that they give me, I have to accept it. I understand that I should’ve made that play and I didn’t and it’s killing me that I didn’t. Whatever they say, it’s just going in there and working and compete and just try to improve this week.

Q: The natural reaction when the team struggles to make plays at the end of games especially in the biggest moments is that the pressure is getting to you guys. Do you feel that that is the case and that guys are pressing to make those kinds of plays at the end of games?

A: No, I don’t think anybody is pressing. We always talk about rely on your brother next to you and just do your job. It’s crazy, I heard [New Orleans Saints QB] Jameis Winston talk about how you don’t always have to be Batman; you can be Bruce Wayne, and that’s the attitude that we have to come in with and understand that there’s 10 other guys out there. You do your job and your brother does his job and we should be alright. I don’t think we’re pressing anything or feeling any pressure out there. We just have to go out there and make plays.

Q: Do you think it’s just bad luck?

A: I don’t know. God has us in this little adversity right now. I don’t question anything that goes on through life or what is happening right now. I understand that it’s a long season and there is a lot of ball left to be played and there are corrections to be made that will be made. At the end of the day, that’s how I think of it. We just have the opportunity to get better.

Q: When you signed here, did you think that you were joining a better defense?

A: When I signed here, I was ready to compete and ready to have fun and ready to enjoy the opportunity and embrace the opportunity that is ahead. Obviously, we haven’t done it so far, but like I said, there is a lot of ball left to play. I’m excited and encouraged about it.

Q: How demoralizing can it be for a team to go back-to-back weeks to give up these fourth quarter comebacks?

A: It’s crazy when it’s a lot of bad things that go on. You can also take some of the good things out of it. I understand when you watch film it’s not always as good as it seems and it’s not always as bad as it seems. It’s the little details, the little corrections. It’s the little plays that get the wins, and it’s the little plays that end up getting the losses.

Figuring out the little plays will help us win and I don’t think it’s demoralizing at all. Our spirits are up, our heads are up and we’re going to go out there and figure it out. That’s what we’re trying to do and will do.
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