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Post-Game Transcript: WR Collin Johnson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/26/2021 7:47 pm
NYG Postgame (vs. Falcons) Transcripts: WR Collin Johnson

Q: What was it like getting your first action as a Giant?

A: It was great. I’m just happy I got to contribute. I try to prepare every week like my number’s going to be called, so whenever it is called, I’m ready to make the play. But it definitely felt good to get in a rhythm.

Q: After this whole offseason and when you signed with the Giants, was there something that (Head) Coach (Joe Judge) was talking with you about – just what was expected to be your role? How has your role kind of evolved throughout the weeks to get to this point?

A: Yeah, he told me learn outside receiver, both X and Z, and just be ready for when my number is called and also contribute on special teams. Like I said, every week I just try to dig in the playbook, get the game plan down and practice whatever they need me, wherever they need me. I’m just down because I just want to be a part of this team and help the team win, basically.

Q: Was there a feeling of disbelief on the side – we know (Wide Receiver) Kenny (Golladay) came in hurt, and then (Wide Receiver) (Darius) Slayton gets hurt and Shep (Wide Receiver Sterling Shepard) gets hurt – is there a feeling like, ‘oh my God, who’s next?’

A: That’s football. You’re around football long enough, I just feel like people go down. It’s unfortunate, but you just have to step up and that’s what it is in this league. Like I said, I just prepare each and every week like I’m the starter, so you’re ready when your number is called.

Q: Did you cramp up late in the game?

A: Little bit. A little bit at the end of the game. But I’ve just been drinking a lot of water, so I’m getting back now.

Q: What was the locker room like after a loss like that?

A: It’s about just staying together. We believe in each other in that locker room, regardless of what’s going on. We’re just going to keep working, and each and every day we’re going to show up to practice because that’s all we know and that’s what Coach Judge preaches. We’re just going to continue to work, clean up the little things and just go from there.

Q: You didn’t have training camp with the team because you joined after training camp. What’s the adjustment been for you to learn the playbook in such a short period of time?

A: A lot of studying. Just getting with some of the offensive assistants, getting with DJ (Quarterback Daniel Jones) on our own time and just studying, basically, because its tough. You don’t have training camp. You don’t have OTAs. You have to come in and learn the playbook in a week basically. The guys, the receivers, DJ, the coaches, they kind of just really help me out and feel very comfortable in learning it. So, it’s been great so far.
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