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Transcript: Quarterback Daniel Jones

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/30/2021 5:25 pm
Quarterback Daniel Jones
September 30, 2021

Q: It’s quiet now, it won’t be on Sunday, how will you get the feeling of that? Obviously, we heard
some of the noise being pumped in.

A: Yeah, we’ll be ready for it. We tried to simulate that today in practice and we’ll keep working that, but
(it’s) definitely going to be part of the game and something we’re going to have to prepare for, and we
are preparing for it. So, we’ll be ready for it.

Q: Did you check at the line a lot more or was the microphone just more sensitive this past week? We
heard, ‘Blue Picasso,’ and a lot of stuff like that a lot.

A: We were out of the huddle for most of the game, so just communicating at the line of scrimmage.

Q: Just how much tougher is that to do that when you can’t say words really to get the message to

A: Yeah, a little tougher to do that. But like you said, we’ll be ready for it, however we need to

Q: Have you met (Tackle) Isaiah Wilson yet?

A: I haven’t got a chance to speak to him yet. First day, but I look forward to meeting him.

Q: What is the team’s thought when you guys bring in somebody that’s had some legal trouble in the

A: I don’t know if that’s my place to comment. He’s a talented guy and we’re excited to work with him.

Q: Four left guards in four games, that seems to be a possibility here. How wild is that to you and how
much does that add to the challenge of what you guys have to do (with) new guys on your offensive
line in this environment?

A: It’s tough. Tough to see guys go down and we’re working through it, but we’ll be ready to go. I feel for
the guys who have gone down for sure. (Offensive Lineman) Matt (Skura) will be ready to go or
whoever’s in that spot. We’re looking forward to it.

Q: Do you think your red zone offense requires any kind of dramatic changes from a scheme
standpoint or what you’re emphasizing or what you’re running?

A: No, I think it’s on us to execute what we have. I think you look at the situations in the red zone, there
have been costly mistakes and breakdowns in the execution of plays, and we’ve got to do better. I’ve
got to do better in a lot of those situations. We’ve got the stuff – we’ve got to execute it as players.

Q: Just wondering, how much different is it for you when you’re in the red zone to run the play under
center versus in shotgun? How much does it change how you operate on the play?

A: Not much, to be honest with you. I think certain plays we want to be under center. Certain plays, we
want to be in shotgun. We can do that in the red zone just like we can in open field.

Q: Did you just take your eyes off that one snap last week?

A: Yeah, I just took my eyes off it.

Q: Before (Wide Receiver) Kenny (Golladay) came here, he had a reputation of making big chunk
plays. Why hasn’t he had a big chunk play yet?

A: I think that’s something we’re certainly working on. He’s a guy who can do that and has shown he can
do it. We’ve got to convert those opportunities in the game. We’re certainly working on it and looking
forward to connecting.

Q: (Offensive Coordinator) Jason Garrett has taken some heat with his play-calling in various spots
throughout his year-plus here. Does the team still have confidence in him? Do you still have
confidence in him?

A: Absolutely. I have a ton of confidence in Coach Garrett, and I know the offense does. It’s on us to
execute those plays. Like I said, talking about some of the breakdowns in the red zone, those are
execution issues and things I’ve got to do better, things we all have to do better on the field. We have a
ton of confidence in what we’re doing on offense and what we’re doing as a program.

Q: Why? Like what is it that gives you that confidence? What do you see from the offense that says,
‘Hey, this is going to work eventually’?

A: I think when you look at the mistakes that are happening, you look at the reasons it’s not working, it’s
players. It’s breakdowns in execution and not doing what we need to do in certain situations. I think
that’s the truth and that’s what we’re focused on correcting. It’s what I’m focused on and our offense is.

Q: I would imagine you’ll be without some of your top receivers this week. How ready is (Wide
Receiver) Kadarius (Toney) to step into a bigger role and does that change things because he’s not
necessarily the same skill set as (Wide Receiver) Sterling (Shepard) or (Wide Receiver) Darius

A: Yeah, I think he’s ready to go. All our guys are ready to go. Obviously, Shep and Slay have made a lot
of plays for us and guys we’ve counted on, but you talked about KT and the rest of the group, those guys
are ready to step up and make plays. We’ll play to their skill set. Looking forward to getting out there
with them.

Q: Why do you think your running ability and scheming you on the read option was less of an
emphasis Sunday versus the week prior? It seemed like it really worked against Washington.

A: I think it has a lot to do with what the defense is doing and kind of their game plan, their scheme. I
think Atlanta had a little bit different approach to some of those things and made that less of an option
for us. I think it’s about what the other team is doing.

Q: At what point does time run out for you guys to turn it around? I know you can’t think like that, but
I’m just saying as a player at 0-3, how do you view the urgency of turning this around before it’s too

A: It’s very urgent. It’s certainly urgent. As players, we feel that. We realize that and we understand this
week and how important it is. So, we’ve got to stay focused on what we’re doing today, making sure
we’re preparing as well as we possibly can today. Tomorrow, we do the same thing. Saturday, we do the
same thing and we’ll be ready to play Sunday. I think everyone understands the urgency and the
importance of preparing and playing well.
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