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Transcript: Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence

Eric from BBI : Admin : 9/30/2021 5:27 pm
Defensive Lineman Dexter Lawrence II
September 30, 2021

Q: When you try to size up a guy like (Saints Running Back Alvin) Kamara, what is the first thing you
guys are thinking about up front?

A: Yeah, that’s definitely a guy we’ve got to stop. That’s like the biggest part of their offense. Basically,
up front just getting him to stop his feet. He can hold out those stretches and pin the trigger pretty well.
Up front, just getting (them) knocked back and making him stop his feet and letting the guys pursue.

Q: When was the last time you played there?

A: I don’t want to talk about it (laughs). 2018 I think it was, I lost (Sugar Bowl, Clemson vs. Alabama).

Q: How different is the atmosphere there compared to any other stadium?

A: Well, I was in college. I haven’t played (there) in the pros. Coach (Judge) gave us a little taste of how
it’s going to sound. He played a little video for us. Honestly, it’s just staying composed and being locked
in on that one play at a time and don’t let the noise be too much. Your ears might ring a little bit, but
that’s part of what’s going to help them. It’s part of the home field advantage. Just like I said, got to stay
composed and do your job.

Q: You have it easy on defense. They won’t be loud when you’re on the field.

A: Oh yeah. More talking for the offense (laughs).

Q: The knock on (Saints Quarterback) Jameis (Winston) was always, ‘Make him make that mistake,’
because he’s a quarterback that if you pressure him, he will eventually make that mistake. Has that
mindset changed a little bit now that he’s in New Orleans in that offense?

A: He’s playing well. Honestly, it’s just like with any quarterback. You get in their face, you pressure
them, they’re going to make a mistake. So, that’s kind of what the D-Line takes a lot of pressure, we put
it on ourselves to collapse the pocket, to put the pressure on the quarterback and make them panic a
little bit. If you give them too much time, he’ll dice you up. You’ve got to put some pressure and get
ready for him.

Q: In your estimation, have you guys done that enough in the first three games?

A: It’s steady progress. I feel like watching the tape, we’re getting better at it each game. Teams tend to
get the ball out a little faster. A lot of check downs, but we’re doing pretty good getting pressure, I think.

Q: Is Kamara the kind of running back – I know you guys said it last year when you went against
Baltimore, the idea that if one guy doesn’t play his assignment and thinks he’s going to play hero-ball,
you know what (Ravens Quarterback) Lamar (Jackson) can do. Is Kamara similar in that respect?

A: Yeah, like I said, the upfront, we’ve got to make sure we’re getting (them) knocked back and make
him stop his feet. Make him have to stutter a little bit so the pursuit can get to him. One guy isn’t going
to be able to tackle him. It’s all about the team just pursuing and making him stop and bringing him to
the ground.

Q: What is the level of urgency for this game? You’re 0-3 and going on the road.

A: Yeah, that’s not a good feeling honestly. The urgency is just making sure that we’re disciplined with
our assignments. We’re winning in situations. That’s the biggest thing we’ve been emphasizing – critical
situations. We’re just one play here, one play there and everybody can’t make a mistake, kind of like
what coach says. We’ve all got to be ready and be able to do our job. That’s what we’re here for.

Q: It seems like practice has been dialed back a little this week, not in pads, a little shorter, is that
something you guys needed maybe to feel a little fresher?

A: My mindset was ready for pads yesterday. Today was like a normal type of day. I trust in Coach and
what he thinks we need and I’m not going to argue with him.

Q: Were you surprised about not having pads yesterday?

A: I mean, maybe a little bit, yeah.

Q: How much do you guys realize that you play New Orleans this week, Dallas next week, the Rams,
Raiders and Panthers.

A: Thanks for telling me that, I didn’t know that. I only know who we play this week.

Q: You really don’t?

A: No. I only know who we play this week.

Q: You really don’t realize that you have such a tough schedule ahead? That’s not something you guys
talk about?

A: No. I’m just focused on this week, who we’ve got this week.
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