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Post-Game Transcript: Safety Jabrill Peppers

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/3/2021 9:32 pm

Safety Jabrill Peppers

On if he knew they were going to win the game after winning the coin toss:

A: Definitely, especially with the way the flow of the game was going. They had a chance to put us away, but we made some huge stops. The offense started making plays. We had to win that coin toss. Tails wasn't working for us earlier. It hasn't been working at all for me this year. I wanted to go heads. Coach wanted to go heads. Saquon wanted to go heads. When it was heads, I had this feeling that we were going to finish this thing off.

On being sent out for the toss:

A: I was walking out there already. Once he saw me walking, then he called me over there. It meant a lot. It helped me stay in tune. I was in tune already. I had all of this pent up energy. I was going to do something.

On his injury:

A: It happened three plays before I gave up a touchdown.
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