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Transcript: Cornerback Adoree' Jackson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/6/2021 3:15 pm
Cornerback Adoree' Jackson

Q: On that play where you went down, it looked like something really serious, but then you were back in two plays later. What happened?

A: Just got banged up. It's just one of those things where it feels like something, it might be something, but they check you out and you feel good when you run off. It's just one of those things in the moment.

Q: That must've been a big relief for you, huh?

A: Hell yeah. I'm not trying to be hurt (laughs).

Q: When you're going against Dallas, they've got two weapons when most teams have one. How much of a challenge is that?

A: It's a huge challenge. For us, having the guys that we have here on our offense and being able to work against them and trying to get a good look, that's what I'm really most thankful for. But, I understand that Dallas has a lot of weapons – two good backs, two receivers, a great tight end. They've got a lot of weapons and a great quarterback.

Q: How different are (Cowboys Wide Receiver) CeeDee (Lamb) and (Cowboys Wide Receiver Amari) Coop (Cooper)?

A: I'll say they're similar from the aspect where they can go short gain, medium or deep ball. On another aspect, they're great ball catchers. They're both go-to guys for their team, so I don't know any differences. I just know the similarities are that they can affect the game and change the game tremendously.

Q: How did it feel for you guys – I know at the end of games you guys had been struggling to get off the field, but against the Saints you were able to do that. How big was that for you guys?

A: It was one of those things where we knew (to) just stay down, keep pushing, keep fighting, because at the end of the day it was going to turn one way or another. I'm thankful that it happened last week for us to get some momentum and get the ball rolling. For us, we never wavered no matter what happened the first three games. We were playing and kept going. We knew things were going to go our way eventually and it happened to be last week.

Q: How do you build on this now facing the Cowboys on the road?

A: Just stay focused and understand that was last week. Each week, you're starting off trying to be 1-0. You're not thinking about the record that you have. We're trying to be 1-0. For us, just focusing in on the details, the technique and being fundamentally sound.

Q: What do you see in their offense with the way (Cowboys Quarterback) Dak (Prescott) is playing and the way they're running the ball right now?

A: They're playing lights out. Dak is throwing the ball well. Zeke (Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott) and (Cowboys Running Back Tony) Pollard are running the ball well. You've got Coop and CeeDee. They've just got weapons – and the tight end, so you could do as much as you want to do. That's why I'm saying this week, we're focusing on fundamentals, technique, worrying about doing your job and trusting that the other 10 brothers that you've got out there will do theirs.

Q: What do you see from Amari Cooper? What makes him so good?

A: I remember the first time I went against him was in 2017. He was with the Raiders when I was playing against him. He's just an elite guy at the line of scrimmage. Great route runner (and) can catch the ball well. I feel like he's a complete receiver.

Q: Is he one of the best route runners you've ever faced?

A: Yeah, I feel like he's a great route runner.

Q: Do you consider Dak an elite quarterback, like a top-two quarterback in the league?

A: I feel like anybody that starts is elite, no matter what's going on. You may try to downplay a guy here or there, but at the end of the day they're a starting quarterback for a reason. I feel like he's an elite quarterback. They give him the keys to the offense. He's able to dink and dunk, throw the deep ball, the medium ball or hand it off to his weapons, so he does a great job.

Q: Does this week feel any different now that you've finally gotten a win under your belt?

A: It still feels like it did last week when we didn't have a win. We're just going out there trying to compete, battle and understand that nothing should change. It's just another game, but at the end of the day it gives you a little bit of momentum. But you can't really put too much focus on that because each week is a new challenge.

Q: So, no lingering concern on your knee?

A: No, sir.
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