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Transcript: Defensive Back Logan Ryan

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/7/2021 5:40 pm
Defensive Back Logan Ryan

Q: What is the challenge when you go against an offense that is explosive, but also can just pound the run game?

A: I mean they're a good offense. They've got good players at every skill position, a good O-line and a really good quarterback, so it's just a complete offense. They have good balance, like you said, so that's just a challenge of they can move the ball effectively both through the air and the run game. It'll be a great test for us.

Q: I would imagine there are few people outside of Dallas who are as glad to see (Cowboys Quarterback) Dak (Prescott) back at full strength than you. What have you thought about watching him this season and going against him this weekend?

A: He looks really good. He looks healthy, which is great, and he looks like he's operating as one of the best quarterbacks in football with just how they're moving the ball and the command he has – great command at the line of scrimmage. You've got to root for a guy that's a good guy and had a tough injury, obviously. You've got to root for stories like that. I just love playing against Dak because he's a competitor and I am, and we are. I think we have to lead our units. We'll go out there and we've got to play the game, but between me and him, I'm happy that he's back, I'm happy that he's operating at a high level, because I think when you've played the game for years and you've won some Super Bowls and you've had some contracts, I think what keeps you in the game is the competition. You want to compete against the best. I think that's why everyone wants to play against (Buccaneers Quarterback) Tom Brady and play against the best. Dak's one of the best right now, so we want to play against him and we want to play well. He's a great challenge.

Q: He said your encouragement was very helpful to him.

A: It was great to hear, it was really great to hear. Sending him books and all that, I've just been in a similar situation breaking my leg and kind of a guy that's always been go, go, go having some time (with the) injury, whatever it may be – they put you in a cast and say you can't do anything for this many weeks, and you don't want your mind to go stale. So, I had some books to help me get through it and I sent him some books, and apparently it helped him get through it. That was obviously my goal and intention, and just wanted him to come back a great quarterback and he is.

Q: You're probably thinking of a way he can pay you back this weekend.

A: Yeah, he can throw the ball right to me on the first play and we'll call it a truce and we're good to go (laughs). Then we can kick the game off, and they'll be down 7-0.

Q: We talk about players having overcome injuries, is there anything where if you hit a guy and he gets hurt, do you have to overcome anything? Is there anything that stays in your mind from it?

A: I think it depends on your intent. I really think it depends on your intent. I think last year was just a freakish play, a gruesome injury, but it was a freakish play. It was a tackle I've made over 500 times in my career and that one just felt different. To me, I didn't put much beyond the fact of just hoping that he – it was just unfortunate really. But for me, it was just, if I had any ill intent or malicious (intent) or try to go hurt somebody then I probably couldn't sleep well at night. Knowing it was just a normal play between two competitors, we've got to call it what it is and move on and try to come back better from it.

Q: What makes (Cowboys Wide Receiver) CeeDee Lamb such a tough guy to guard?

A: He's a first-round receiver. He's quick, strong, fast like a lot of these guys coming out of college now. Really good route runner. He has punt return ability, so he's good with the ball in his hands. I think he has a lot more play strength than people think. He's pretty strong and he likes contact. He's not one of these guys that doesn't mind contact. He'll take contact, he'll block a little bit, he'll chop it up, so to me he looks like a complete football player that likes ball and works at his craft. I just think he's one of those guys that's just a top talent.

Q: Do you think you guys are more effective in cover-two than in single-high?

A: Oh man, you're breaking it down again. I think our effectiveness is the ability to do both. I think if you do anything too much, if you're one of these cover-three defenses, you get to the playoffs and you get yourself blown out. You've got to be able to do both because when it comes down to crucial moments, it comes down to critical games to win championships. To get to the playoffs in the end, you've got to be able to pull it out and be able to have both under your belt. You just don't want to be a zone defense the entire game and someone has a two-three zone beater and you're having a rough day.

Q: Now that it got so much attention, did Brady ever get back to you and finalize the deal on the auction?

A: I think he had a lot going on last week (laughs), so I don't know how high up I was on his text list going back to (Foxborough). I didn't make that cut of talking to me before the game. So, no, I didn't get back to him yet, but I'm sure when we play them or whatever we'll have some time.
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