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Transcript: Defensive Lineman Leonard Williams

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/8/2021 6:02 pm
Defensive Lineman Leonard Williams

Q: You were so frustrated last week, then you got a win.

A: Yeah, I know. It paid off.

Q: How much of that was just guys taking accountability for doing a better job?

A: I think it was a combination of that and then also something that (Head) Coach (Joe) Judge has been harping on, is play every play as if we're going to play until, you know, it's going to come down to the final play of the game. What he means (by) that is don't take any plays off. Play until the whistle, make every play count. We talk about that even in practice as well. Don't take any plays off from practice, even if it's scout team and you're giving the offense the look. Don't take the play off and treat it like this is going to be the play of the game. I think that shows in the game and it came down to the final straw.

Q: What did you think of (FOX NFL Analyst) Troy Aikman saying that he doesn't think you guys are in the Cowboys class?

A: I actually didn't see that, but I think everyone's entitled to their own opinion. That's those guys job is to make predictions and all that type of stuff. It's my job to come here and get better and practice and focus on winning the game. Like I said, I haven't even seen that so, I've been too focused on getting better.

Q: Last week one of the Saints guys said he felt sorry for you guys coming into the game. The Saints actually tweeted out the video on Friday saying that they felt sorry for you guys for their first home game back. Did that make its way around your locker room?

A: I think in this game it really is any given Sunday. I think no matter what our record is, I'm going to respect our opponent no matter what their record is, because of stuff like that. If you devalue the team that you're going to go against, you're not going to prepare the same and you can get upset. You can't overhype the team as well because you obviously have to feel like you can compete with them. It really is any given Sunday.

Q: Do you want them to respect you or do you want them to overlook you?

A: I obviously, I always want respect.

Q: Even if they overlook you, it could be to your advantage? You'd still rather the respect?

A: Yeah, for sure.

Q: How close is the pass rush from producing and getting more results than you have recently?

A: I think we're there. We just need to start playing more off of each other, playing more aggressive and just attacking more individually. Not scheme wise attacking, but individually, knowing when it's pass rush time and knowing on a third down situation and what type of reads we'll get and knowing when to get off and knowing who we're rushing next to. If I'm rushing next to (Linebacker Lorenzo Carter) Zo, who's a vet, I know I can get high in that three technique and know that someone like him is going to be able to cover me. That's what I mean by pass rush (being) more aggressive.
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