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Transcript: QB Mike Glennon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 10/10/2021 11:01 pm
QB Mike Glennon

On what he saw when starting QB Daniel Jones went down: “It’s interesting as a backup quarterback, whenever the quarterback gets hit, you probably stare at him a little longer than most people do. You could tell he was a little woozy getting up. I knew it was 4th down and we were getting ready to go for it, so I just ran and got my helmet. I went out and got some snaps with [C] Billy [Price] because I don’t have a lot of snaps with him. You are concerned for your teammate, your friend, but we need this touchdown. So you gotta focus on the game. That is just kinda the life of a backup.”

On how he was dealing with going in: “It is a tough deal. We came in at halftime shortly after that and I saw him, so that was good. But we needed that touchdown at that time, and you are concerned for him, so, I’ve never been in that situation before. It was not ideal to see him go down, but I had to focus on football.”

On how unique is Kadarius Tony’s skill set: “He’s special. I think he showed what he is capable of doing. That was fun to see. I think as a quarterback, when you get the ball in a guys hands and you throw it to him behind the line of scrimmage, and he ends up getting 12 yards – I don’t know how many he got – that was just one. There are plenty of examples. You throw him a short pass and he takes it, you just don’t see that at the NFL level very often, making guys miss like that. He’s got a unique skill set that we are all finally seeing. I’m glad he is on our team.”

On Kadarius Tony: “You just don’t see guys make people miss like that in the NFL very often. There’s just not many guys who can do this, be that quick. To have the day he had, hopefully it is just the beginning of what he is capable of doing.”

On how hard it was to see all the injuries: “I guess it was just the guys who played in preseason to a certain extent. I think we handled it well. Those guys stepped in and did well. KT really stepped up and we didn’t miss a beat at that receiver position. It was good to see some other guys step in and contribute as well.”

On the TD to KT in the back of the end zone: “It was a rollout to the right, and the whole offensive line and defensive line moves at the same time, so I couldn’t see what happened. I saw him get to the top of the route, it is a trust thing, so I just threw to the area, but I wasn’t able to see that route.”

On the state of the team: “I think all we have to do is keep fighting and come back to work. This is the NFL. You don’t put your head down. You come back the next week. Starting tomorrow, we will put our best foot forward and it is just business as usual. You have to come back every day, keep fighting, keep working and stick together.”

On how he will prepare for next week: “You hear the cliché prepare as the starter. I think I do a good job of that. Just getting ready all the time. Obviously, I will probably be more amplified than I have. I don’t know. Obviously, I guess the mindset is a little different Sunday night this time than last time.”
He gave all the right answers haha  
Jalapeno : 10/10/2021 11:24 pm : link
and he eventually gave me a better feeling about him after the game then when I saw him first enter the game.
He has a good arm and it showed on a few occasions.....  
Simms11 : 10/11/2021 10:26 am : link
I think we will be fine with him as a back up.
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